How Threat Stack Redefined Intrusion Detection

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Infrastructure, processes, and attacks have changed.

Most intrusion detection solutions were built for yesterday’s infrastructure and threat landscape - but legacy technologies are no longer solving today’s security needs. Overwhelmingly, companies are moving to the cloud and using DevOps to break down silos and automate delivery. Meanwhile, attackers are using a multitude of techniques to evade traditional tools - so a single point solution is no longer sufficient. That’s why we set out to design a fundamentally different kind of security solution.

Our foundation

Integrate Security and Operations

Security cannot function in a silo. We recognized that our solution would need to combine the power of both disciplines if we were going to help companies effectively reduce risk.

We designed technology optimized for
speed, scale, and an unparalleled level of visibility.

Not Network-Based

Network-based solutions were built for companies that hosted their own infrastructure – but today’s environments are elastic and complex. Threat Stack takes a host-based approach, which provides visibility at the source of truth and easily scales with your cloud infrastructure.

Not On-Premise

On-premise solutions are difficult and expensive to manage – and don’t scale nearly fast enough to keep up with today’s companies. We offer a lightweight agent and cloud-based platform, so you won’t need to manage or host anything yourself – saving you cost and headaches.

Not Attack Signatures

Attack signature solutions are only as good as their databases. Threat Stack identifies indicators of an attack – so we won’t miss something just because we haven’t seen it before.

Not Siloed

Piecing together data from too many point solutions is time-consuming and ineffective. Threat Stack pulls together multiple detection techniques and surfaces information you need. Our technology integrations also allows Threat Stack to easily fit into your existing toolchain and workflow.

Our unique technology and approach makes Threat Stack the most comprehensive intrusion detection platform.

Threat Stack Goes...

Beyond a Single Type of Infrastructure

  • Public Cloud
  • Private Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Multi-Cloud
  • On-Premise
  • Containers

Beyond a Single Point of Detection

  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Cloud Configuration Auditing
  • Software Vulnerabilities
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Threat Detection

Beyond a Single Threat Category

  • Insider Threat
  • External Threat
  • Malware
  • Botnets
  • Data Exfiltration and Access
  • Zero Days
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Lateral Movement

Threat Stack offers unparalleled visibility across your entire infrastructure – so no matter which method your attackers uses, you’ll be alerted of any resulting anomalous behavior.

Cast a wide net of detection points across your entire infrastructure.

Most intrusion detection solutions only monitor your perimeter, meaning when an attacker penetrates it, you won’t know they’re inside – or more importantly, what they’re doing. Threat Stack offers a single place to monitor your cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and containerized environments.  Our approach combines a multitude of detection techniques, then automatically correlates events together to determine if the behavior is anomalous or not.

Stop piecing together data silos.

Threat Stack offers a single platform that enables you to oversee all anomalous behavior across all of your necessary detection capabilities – so you don’t need to waste precious engineering hours stitching information together.

Minimize roadblocks, maximize DevOps speed.

Companies like yours are moving faster than ever to get their products to market and overwhelmingly looking toward DevOps processes to automate. Threat Stack integrates into existing workflows and enables security teams to ‘trust but verify’, so their operations team can continue to work securely, without hindersome controls.

Spend fewer hours digging through log files and more time creating the next big thing.

You probably don’t have an army of security experts and infrastructure engineers. Threat Stack makes security simple, with easy-to-understand situational context, instead of mountains of data. Then, you can view a timeline of events, so you can immediately determine whether the behavior was unusual but innocuous — or truly threatening.

Make compliance part of your regular process, not an annual event.

Threat Stack maps our rules to compliance requirements, so you can easily communicate that you’re covered – whenever you need. Meet regulatory and customer requirements to shorten sales cycles.

Threat Stack Gives You Confidence.

Threat Stack gives you unmatched visibility. With real-time security insights, actionable data, and an understanding of the ebbs and flows taking place within your environment, you can make informed decisions fast. No other security solution provides the same level of insight, actionable information — or confidence.

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