Microservice Security

Full stack security observability is difficult to achieve when you have dozens of de-coupled, stateless, polyglot services built and deployed in separate pipelines by different teams. Threat Stack lets you consume cloud security signals from the most complex microservices environments in one place.

The Threat Stack Approach

Protect Multi-Service Applications

Threat Stack's microservice security can monitor complex inter-service application interactions to protect against runtime attacks that may be missed by traditional runtime security tools such as Web Application Firewalls (WAF).

Monitor Docker and Kubernetes

We combine comprehensive sets of rules based on known container security threats with ML-based anomaly detection techniques to address the complexity of container runtime security by detecting and surfacing context for known risky behaviors and unknown emerging threats.

See and Monitor Full Inventory

Microservices environments are complex with multiple teams maintaining multiple environments and accounts, each with their own security challenges. Threat Stack microservice security gives you an inventory of servers and Fargate tasks across multiple AWS accounts and lets you see key information like instance ID, region, type, IP, and more. You can even assign monitoring rules based on EC2 tags.

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