Intrusion Detection

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® offers intrusion detection across your host, containers, and infrastructure control plane to alert you to signs of compromise.

The Threat Stack Approach

Detect More Events

Threat Stack combines multiple detection and assessment technologies that scour your cloud infrastructure. More ways to detect mean more attacks detected.

Take Action Quickly

Threat Stack provides real-time alerting that surfaces the context you need to investigate and respond quickly, without having to dig through mountains of data.

Extend Your Overextended Team

Short on resources? Let your Security team focus on other projects while the Threat Stack experts monitor your infrastructure and triage high-severity alerts.

The Problem?


Without a traditional physical perimeter, it’s difficult to monitor who’s coming in and out. Plus, you lack visibility into what happens when someone bypasses your new software-defined perimeter by taking advantage of encrypted communications such as HTTPS or SSH.


If you’re relying on a database of known attacks, you’re always going to be one step behind the advanced attacker or a targeted attack. Since more attackers are leveraging packing or encrypting techniques, no zero day is required to get through your defenses.

What We Do

Follow Your Attacker as They Traverse Your Infrastructure

Threat Stack gives you a timeline of events, which you can view by user, IP address, or server, helping you investigate alerts quickly and effectively. No more jumping between tools to piece together clues.

Detect Attacks, Even if They Haven’t Hit the Headlines

Unlike solutions that rely on databases of known attacks, Threat Stack uses behavioral analysis to look for suspicious behavior that indicates you’ve been compromised. This enables you to detect attackers regardless of the methods used, whether they’re external threats or inside actors.

I would definitely recommend Threat Stack to any type of organization, small or big, because it will help you achieve complete infrastructure security at an affordable cost.

Remi Cattiau, Head of Security, Nuxeo