Incident Response and Security Orchestration

Reduce your mean time to know and respond.

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The Threat Stack Difference

Detect Incidents Faster

Threat Stack offers real-time alerts and partnerships with incident response tools and services — so you’ll know right away if you’re under attack.

Get to the Bottom Immediately

Threat Stack gives you context and investigative tools, so you’ll know what happened and whether you need to respond or not.

Automate Incident Response

With robust, flexible APIs, Threat Stack lets you build incident response workflows in your third-party toolchain — so you can respond to alerts without breaking stride.

How it Works

Unlike other Intrusion Detection solutions, Threat Stack analyzes user, system, and file behavior across multiple layers of your infrastructure, including hosts, containers, container orchestration, and infrastructure control plane — alerting you of any suspicious activity.

Respond Immediately
— Or Let Someone Else Do It For You

Send Threat Stack alerts to your incident response tools so your team can easily react.

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Work with a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) partner to manage alerts for you.

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Leave it to Threat Stack Cloud Security experts to monitor, triage, and help you respond to security incidents.

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Get Context to Investigate Quickly

Each time the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® triggers an alert, you’ll get important context to help you immediately understand what happened — like who did what, where, and when.

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Build Security Orchestration Workflows

Threat Stack’s flexible APIs let you send alerts and data to your tool chain — so you can automate incident response in a way that fits your team.

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Continuously Improve Alert Quality

Threat Stack lets you respond to alerts and change alert rules in your third-party incident response tool, so the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform gets smarter and more accurate as you use it.

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The benefit of working with AWS with Threat Stack is obviously the massive scalability and breadth of services, while buying down the risk of putting your data on someone else's computers.

Chris Rothe, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Red Canary