AWS + Arm Architecture Support

Threat Stack enables organizations to realize the cost and performance benefits of Arm architecture, which powers AWS Graviton2 cloud instances - without sacrificing security or compliance.

Security & Compliance
That Follows Your Workloads

Empower the Business

IT and business leaders seek the scalability and performance benefits of AWS Gravtion2, while security leaders need to maintain security and compliance. With Threat Stack's support for Arm, organizations can do both.

Lower Infrastructure Costs, Securely

Threat Stack's Arm support enables organizations to take advantage of the reduced infrastructure spend associated with AWS Graviton2, without having to sacrifice security or compliance.

Explore Threat Stack's Cloud Security & Compliance Solution

Threat Stack provides organizations the unique combination of telemetry collection, behavioral rules for known threats, ML powered anomaly detection, and an in-house SOC service for 24/7 coverage across their cloud infrastructure and applications.