AWS Security

Whether you need to monitor CloudTrail events, EC2, EKS, and Fargate, or scan the configuration of security groups, IAM, RDS and S3, Threat Stack is the perfect complement to integrating with and securing your AWS environment.

The Threat Stack Approach

Manage Across Accounts and Consolidate Tools

Threat Stack helps you pull important security information from your AWS services and accounts into a central location, allowing you to quickly understand your attack surface and manage risk.

Trust but Verify

Inconsistent or overly permissioned DevOps teams can spin up instances and use services that could generate unexpected costs or exposures. Threat Stack enables you to gain visibility into infrastructure changes and risky behavior without introducing blockers and permissions that unnecessarily slow down your team.

Detect Anomalous Behavior in the Cloud

Unlike cloud security solutions that only assess account misconfigurations, Threat Stack also monitors for risky and anomalous behavior — helping you understand whether you’re exposed and what happened if someone breached your environment.

Cover Your Portion of the Shared Responsibility Model

While AWS is responsible for protecting the infrastructure that runs its services, you’re responsible for securing your data and systems. Threat Stack helps you manage the security and compliance for your share of responsibility by collecting and analyzing data from your EC2 instances and the AWS Management Console, alerting you of risky runtime misconfigurations or behaviors.

Threat Stack provides cloud security posture management (CSPM) through the platform’s Configuration Auditing feature. With scheduled and on-demand assessments against CIS Benchmarks, Threat Stack provides 47 default policies for evaluating configuration state against your foundational AWS services.


Mistakes happen. If someone gets ahold of your AWS keys, they have free reign over your infrastructure and could make changes to your configurations, spin up new instances, or traverse your infrastructure until they find an instance with admin privileges to access private data.

Threat Stack monitors both AWS CloudTrail and AWS workloads. As a result, you get visibility to the entire path of the attacker, even for increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Monitor Expanding Infrastructure Automatically

As your company grows, it can be difficult to keep track of new AWS accounts and instances — and adding an obtrusive security solution can lead to insecure workarounds and shadow IT. The Threat Stack Agent can be baked into your AMIs and popular configuration management tools, so instances are automatically monitored as they are added. Threat Stack also gives you visibility across multiple accounts, making it easier to manage your attack surface and risk.

Assign Security Rules to Servers by EC2 Tag

Normal behavior on one server may indicate compromise on another. Threat Stack automatically pulls in your EC2 tags so you can easily assign rules to subsets of your servers. This means your alerts are even more relevant and actionable.

Investigate Events, Even if the Server No Longer Exists

Autoscaling infrastructure is great for your infrastructure costs and availability, but presents challenges when it comes to security. Threat Stack allows you to view a history of activity, even on terminated servers, so you won’t have missing pieces when it comes time to investigate.

Security Built for Highly Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

Autoscaling technology

Easily deployed with pre-built runbooks and agent baked into base AMI

Ability to investigate events on terminated servers

Host-based technology

Cloud Security Posture Management

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