AWS Fargate Security Monitoring

Threat Stack fills the visibility gap for AWS Fargate with process tracking and detailed netflow metadata.

Cloud Compliance

HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, CCPA, and GDPR...keeping up with regulatory compliance is difficult, and even more so with rapidly changing cloud technologies. Threat Stack helps you prove compliance with privacy and regulatory standards to auditors and customers with pre-built rulesets mapped to many of the major regulatory compliance standards.

CloudTrail Monitoring

Get a 360-degree view inside your entire AWS-based infrastructure with Threat Stack’s powerful security insights.

DevOps Security

Busy DevOps teams need a security solution that fits into their world, not legacy tools designed for a different era. Threat Stack was built to fit seamlessly into your workflow and helps you apply DevOps principles to security and operational processes.

File Integrity Monitoring

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform provides continuous File Integrity Monitoring with the context needed to take action immediately


The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® helps organizations address GDPR compliance obligations across two of the biggest and most addressable operational changes.

Incident Response and Security Orchestration

Reduce your mean time to know and respond.

Insider Threat Detection

Threat Stack monitors and notifies you in real time when activity deviates from your established norm.

Insider Threat Detection is just another way that Threat Stack’s Cloud Security Platform® gives you unparalleled visibility across your entire infrastructure.

Intrusion Detection

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® offers intrusion detection across your host, containers, and infrastructure control plane to alert you to signs of compromise.

Managed Detection and Response

Send Threat Stack cloud security telemetry to your MDR solution or leverage our Threat Stack Oversight & Threat Stack Insight services.

Secure Microservices

Full stack security observability is difficult to achieve when you have dozens of de-coupled, stateless, polyglot services built and deployed in separate pipelines by different teams. Threat Stack lets you consume cloud security signals from the most complex microservices environments in one place.

Securing Containerized Environments

Threat Stack monitors for signs of security incidents across your containers and Kubernetes — and alerts you in real time.

Security for AWS

Whether you need to monitor CloudTrail events, EC2, EKS, and Fargate, or scan the configuration of security groups, IAM, RDS and S3, Threat Stack is the perfect complement to integrating with and securing your AWS environment.


Send Threat Stack cloud telemetry to your security information and event management (SIEM) solution.

SOC 2 Compliance

Many of Threat Stack’s best customers use our intrusion detection platform to help fulfill their SOC 2 compliance needs.

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect and remediate vulnerabilities across your infrastructure.