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Is Your Cloud IDS Letting You Down? Trade Up.

Securing your cloud infrastructure requires a solution purpose built to deliver the right alerts at the right time—so you can take the right action. If your tool isn't helping you do that—we can help you find the right fit.

The Threat Stack Trade-Up Program

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Invoice credit for current contract (with proof of services) towards a Threat Stack plan.

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Free onboarding and dedicated customer success manager for contract term.

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Additional benefits upon inquiry!

Why Companies Choose Threat Stack

Go beyond black box security for your cloud infrastructure with greater visibility, control, and guidance, all in one console. Threat Stack is the only vendor to offer full stack security observability from the cloud management console to the application layer, on any operating system, in a single unified platform.


While many security providers use algorithms to create a baseline of normal activity, normal doesn’t mean secure. Instead of just providing alerts like many black box security solutions, Threat Stack gives you the actionable insight needed to proactively identify and reduce risk across your entire cloud infrastructure and applications.

Threat Stack takes the next step to continuously improve the security posture of your cloud environment with a combination of tunable rulesets, real-time behavioral analysis, and human investigation through the Cloud SecOps Program℠ to ensure you have actionable intelligence.

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Get started with pre-built, out-of-the-box rulesets for both Linux and Windows based on compliance requirements and industry frameworks, but maintain the flexibility to create custom rules based on your unique environment and use case.

Threat Stack provides you with flexibility to consume your security telemetry your way, with options to manage your cloud security and compliance directly in the unified interface of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®, export directly to a SIEM through a comprehensive API and S3 data exports, or through our co-managed Cloud SecOps Program.

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Outsource your security monitoring responsibilities and extend your security team with Threat Stack Oversight℠ and Insight℠. Free your valuable resources from time-consuming investigative work with access to real-time cloud security experts who help you navigate, detect, and respond to anomalies and threats in your environment.

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