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ThreatML™️: Machine Learning Done Right

Secure your cloud environment using ThreatML with Supervised Learning to improve key security metrics like mean-time-to-know (MTTK) helping you to take the right actions, faster.

What Makes ThreatML Unique?

ThreatML delivers advanced unsupervised and supervised learning to detect anomalies and predict behavior in your cloud environment surfacing only the highest priority alerts in real-time. ThreatML combined with our massive telemetry collection and industry-leading rules give security teams the power to improve MTTK by taking the right actions, faster.

Read more to see how ThreatML with Supervised Learning massively lowers the burden on your security team without sacrificing comprehensive detection. This is ML done right.

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ThreatML with Supervised Learning

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Threat Stack collects the richest data set – processing 60 billion events daily – across the full cloud stack including cloud management console, hosts, containers, Kubernetes, and applications to give you full observability into your environment.

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We leverage two methods of detection to understand behavior in your environment: rules-based alerting and ThreatML’s anomaly detection. Having multiple methods of detection means we cover your entire environment and can surface both the known and unknown threats.

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Our latest innovation in Supervised Learning uses predictive modeling with labeled data taken from the rules matches and detected anomalies to prioritize and surface the most important threats to your environment.

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Threat Stack does all the hard work so that you only need to triage and respond to a small number of important threats to the business. We also offer Oversight and Insight for 24/7/365 SOC and advisory support to keep your security operations running smoothly.

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