Workflow Integrations

Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® integration features help you build security into your workflow — by connecting to the tools you already use, or to custom solutions through our open architecture.

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Secure Your Cloud Without Breaking Stride


Build Threat Stack into configuration management tools and machine images to automatically integrate security as infrastructure grows.


Gain visibility into user, system, and file behavior across your infrastructure to detect risky behavior and signs of compromise.


Send Threat Stack events to wherever you monitor your security signals for additional insight and event correlation.


Integrate with existing workflows to automate incident response. Dismiss alerts and change rules without leaving your third-party tool.


Native Integrations

The immediate context needed to understand what happened during a security event and then take action.

Workflow Integrations

Get alerted immediately to what's important, and then manage and respond to incidents in your established workflows.

DevOps Integrations

Integrate with key configuration management tools including Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt so you can automatically spin up new secure servers and automate releases, updates, and patches.