Container & Kubernetes Security

Threat Stack monitors for signs of security incidents across your containers and Kubernetes — and alerts you in real time.

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The Threat Stack Approach

Rules for Docker and Kubernetes

We provide comprehensive sets of rules based on container security threats and best practices to address unique issues compared to traditional host infrastructure. It’s easy to modify pre-built rules or to create custom rules.

Real-Time Behavioral Analysis

Identify signs of risky behavior or intrusion. Correlate processes between containers and host operating systems to track risky behaviors back to their source.

Flexible Deployment Options

Automated coverage regardless of your workflow, and only one agent is needed per host — which saves you costs and reduces Technology Integrations performance issues.

Conquer the Cloud With Threat Stack Services.

Security isn’t just necessary for a healthy business. It accelerates the sales cycle, drives revenue, and opens the door for new opportunities. With Threat Stack services, you can achieve SecOps maturity without recruiting hard-to-find talent. Get the most from your Threat Stack platform. Book your services demo today, and conquer the cloud with Threat Stack experts.