Threat Stack Oversight

Reduce response time and use fewer resources to address security incidents. With the Threat Stack Oversight℠ service, our experts continuously monitor your cloud environment. We’ll detect and triage high-severity alerts, notify you of suspicious activity, and provide personalized context and recommendations.

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Remediate Real Incidents, Not False Leads.

Your dedicated Threat Stack security team will only notify you when there is a real risk. You’ll receive a customized report that explains our findings and makes recommendations for remediation. This saves you from chasing false positives and helps you act immediately — and effectively — when addressing real issues.

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Detect the Latest Cloud Security Threats, From Simple to Sophisticated.

The Threat Stack SOC monitors every layer of your infrastructure, from your cloud control plane to your host and containers. As a result, we are the first to see how malicious actors launch or hide breaches in cloud-native environments. We stay on top of cutting-edge threats — so you don’t have to.

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Want even more support on your path to SecOps maturity? Our Threat Stack Insight service gives you meaningful data and ongoing coaching to help you analyze risk and achieve your SecOps goals.

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Threat Stack Oversight helps you get the most from your Cloud Security Platform. With our experts onboard, you can stay focused on adding value to your business. We’ll help you reduce your mean-time-to-detect issues, eliminate false positives, and understand how to respond to the latest threats. Book your demo today to see how Threat Stack Oversight can help you conquer the cloud.