Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program

Expand the capacity of your team and make security part of your plan —
not an interruption

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The Threat Stack Cloud SecOps ProgramSM is a series of services, powered by the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®, to give you even richer context and deeper visibility into your cloud infrastructure. We will give you the expertise you need to integrate Security and Operations — without recruiting hard-to-find talent or struggling to integrate and interpret data from multiple point solutions.

Five Framework Principles

  • System Access & Users
  • Patching & Vulnerability Management
  • Infrastructure Control Plane
  • Networking
  • Runtime & Services

Threat Stack® Cloud SecOps Maturity Framework

Define your roadmap to SecOps Maturity

The Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Maturity Framework applies a DevOps lens to Security and offers five core principles with achievable milestones to gradually bridge Security and Operations to fortify your infrastructure. Leveraging the framework Threat Stack’s cloud security experts will advise you on how to implement the right monitoring and control capabilities so you can feel confident you’re taking the right steps to reduce risk.

See where your organization stands within the Framework.

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Threat Stack InsightSM

Make Data-Driven Decisions with Curated Analytics

With Threat Stack Insight, a Security Engineer will curate data for you to help you understand patterns of risky behavior. During regularly scheduled check-ins, you’ll review data and receive advice on how to strategically adjust configurations and processes, and establish goals. You’ll also receive support with third-party integrations and advanced rule tuning.

Threat Stack OversightSM

Monitor for Potential Security Incidents

With Threat Stack Oversight, a Security Engineer will monitor your environment, alerting you to potential incidents and helping you understand what happened. Unlike monitoring solutions that require consultants to piece together fragmented data behind them, with the Threat Stack Oversight service, our experts leverage the automation, real-time alerting, and unparalleled investigative capabilities of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®.

Your Journey to Secure Operations

The Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program gives you the technology and expertise you need to integrate Security and Operations — without recruiting hard-to-find talent.

Reduce Risk

Our powerful technology helps you identify patterns of behavior, so you can detect a breach faster and accelerate your response time to remediate. As you build your SecOps strategy with Threat Stack you’ll also reduce risk of human error by introducing automation and controls.

Build Trust

Build trust with your customers that their data is safe, while you build trust between teams in your organization. When security’s goals are aligned with the rest of the organization, everyone wins.

Secure Your Future Growth

A lack of security creates friction in your sales cycle. When you build security in from the start, you won’t face roadblocks when it comes time to achieve compliance or your next big customer.