Securing Containerized Environments

“Although there is growing interest and rapid adoption of containers, running them in production requires a steep learning curve due to technology immaturity and lack of operational know-how.”– Arun Chandrasekaran, Gartner Research

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Migrating to Containers? Dig Deep & Wide to Get Secure.

Containers have leap frogged controlled experiments and become the new normal. Dev teams want to take advantage of the operational efficiency that comes with developing in containerized environments; but securing container-based infrastructure is not to be underestimated — and you don’t want to leave it until your container strategy is all figured out...

Adding containers adds security complexity to an increasingly large attack surface. No matter how you deploy your cloud infrastructure, Threat Stack can give you unparalleled visibility across the host and containers.

Infrastructure Agnostic.
Run-time Ready.

Threat Stack secures containerized environments by monitoring both containers and the underlying host infrastructure for comprehensive visibility.

  • Monitor the connections between containers to ensure that applications are behaving securely
  • Know when new Docker images are pulled or run, and by whom
  • Identify anomalous user, process, and file behaviors in containerized environments
  • Monitor for unauthorized changes to Docker configuration files