Container and Kubernetes Security

Monitor Docker and Kubernetes for Suspicious Behavior

How it Works

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® monitors your cloud workloads - analyzing user, system, and file behavior - and alerting you of suspicious activity. For containerized infrastructure, Threat Stack comes with pre-configured rulesets for Docker and Kubernetes, so you’ll get immediate observability across your containers.

Two Deployment Options. Same Full-Stack Visibility.

The Threat Stack agent can be deployed on your hosts or as a container, and can be built into daemonsets, configuration management tools, or machine images - so you’ll get automated coverage regardless of your workflow. Unlike other container security solutions that require an agent in each container, you only need one per host to gain visibility into every layer - which saves you costs and reduces performance issues.

Stay Secure as Your Infrastructure Evolves

Instantly Adopt Container and Kubernetes Security Best Practices

Like any new addition to your tech stack, containers come with new security challenges - and best practices. We’ve built sets of rules based on container security threats and best practices, so you don’t have to.

Get Full Stack Context

Threat Stack gives you a single place to monitor your containers, Kubernetes, hosts, cloud management console, and applications. This gives you a single tool for your entire infrastructure and the ability to investigate incidents across layers of infrastructure.

Maintain Visibility in Constantly Changing Environments

The Ephemeral nature of containers has enormous benefits, but can present challenges when it comes time to investigate a security incident. Threat Stack enables you to retain event data as long as you’d like, so you can investigate an incident long after it took place.

What Our Customers Say

Every other security tool we've looked is good at containers, or at Kubernetes, is good at AWS, or at instance monitoring. But nobody is good at tying all of those things together, and that's really where Threat Stack shines.

Kevin Johnson, Lead Security SRE, InvisionApp