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How to Make the Promise of Machine Learning a Reality

Machine learning is often discussed as a silver bullet solution to every cloud security challenge, but when push comes to shove it has fallen short of delivering on that promise. That’s because marketing hype has led to unrealistic expectations of machine learning. The reality is that machine learning is just one piece of the puzzle.

This webinar will discuss how to get real value out of machine learning in your cloud security. It will cover:

  • Optimizing your data for machine learning – Effective machine learning needs strong telemetry that covers the three V’s of big data (volume, velocity and variety).
  • How to identify both known and unknown risks – Machine learning is great at anomaly detection but what if normal behavior is risky? What if an anomaly isn’t a threat?
  • Creating a real human-machine feedback loop – Despite the power of machine learning, the complex and ephemeral nature of today’s cloud workloads still requires human expertise to provide context to observations.