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4 Steps to Secure Cloud Workloads on Your Application Infrastructure

What type of cloud workload protection do organizations need? As businesses transform to developing, updating, and deploying applications on the cloud, there comes increasing concern on how to best monitor and resolve threats to cloud-native apps, APIs, and their underlying infrastructure, while also avoiding “alert noise” and maintaining security compliance. Yet many businesses still focus on protecting only applications, while ignoring foundational threats. Risks and vulnerabilities such as Log4j / Log4Shell, Spring4Shell, and DirtyPipe show how dangerous attacks can be on the increased infrastructure attack surface. What can be done to address these cybersecurity concerns?

This recently-published eBook helps answer these business cybersecurity concerns. “4 Steps to Securing Cloud Workloads on the Application Infrastructure” takes tips from cybersecurity experts on protecting organizations from this threats on this new attack vector, and puts them into actionable, direct steps your organization can take immediately. Read more, and remember:

Applications are only as secure as the infrastructure they run on.