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Oversight SOC Service Data Sheet

This data sheet discusses the value of the Threat Stack Oversight SOC Service, which provides 24/7/365 monitoring of your cloud security and ...

Evaluating An ML-based Cloud Security Solution

This ebook explores the criteria that should be assessed when evaluating an ML for cloud security solution ...

Glassdoor: Reflections on 2020 cloud security trends and predictions for 2021

Tune into this webinar, during which Anthony Moisant, CISO of Glassdoor and Doug Cahill, Vice President and Group Director, Cybersecurity at ...

Security stories from the field: a fireside chat with Barak Engel and Brian Ahern

As the security industry continues to be redefined by new business models, modern technologies, advanced threats, and persistent compliance and ...

Top Considerations For ML-based Cloud Security

This white paper discusses the top considerations for assessing machine learning capabilities for cloud security. ...

Cloud Security Year-in-Review: Lessons Learned Through the Lense of a CISO

This year brought unprecedented changes to how businesses function, employees work, and how security organizations enable and protect it all. Chaim ...

Introducing ThreatML by Threat Stack: ML-based Anomaly Detection to Accelerate Cloud Security and Compliance

Come learn about the benefits of ThreatML - Threat Stack’s new machine learning (ML) capability to enhance our Cloud Security Platform and ...

ML, More than a Buzzword

Jacob Williams, SANS Analyst and Chris Ford, VP of Product at Threat Stack discuss pragmatic approaches to ML to solve real world security use ...

How to Make the Promise of Machine Learning a Reality

Machine learning is often discussed as a silver bullet solution to every cloud security challenge, but when push comes to shove it has fallen short ...

Full Stack Security Observability With ThreatML™

The vision for Threat Stack's machine learning strategy, ...

Navigating the ‘Knowns and Unknowns’ of Cloud Security

Four steps to uncover known and unknown security risks, combining behavioral rules and ML-based anomaly ...

SANS Webinar: How to Deliver on the Promise of Machine Learning

Watch this webinar to learn how you can use telemetry, rules, and human expertise to unlock the true power of machine ...

Container Security Monitoring for AWS Fargate Datasheet

Learn how Threat Stack Container Security Monitoring for AWS Fargate secures multiple layers of AWS Fargate at ...

Improving Cloud Security by Implementing Full Stack Security Observability

Learn about the benefits of implementing full stack security observability in the earliest stages of the cloud journey and the value of monitoring ...

Threat Stack SOC Report: Q1 2020

This report details how security teams adapted to remote workforces, AWS SSM usage, increased Kubernetes adoption, and changes in ...

An Inside Look at Security and Compliance at a Hypergrowth Startup

Learn how the the Omada Health security team passes SOC 2, HIPAA, HITRUST with less than a 5 person security ...

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