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Threat Stack Launches Free Cloud Security Audit Trial

Instant assessment score gives users visibility into potential risks and recommendations to meet Amazon Web Services and Center for Internet Security best practices

Threat Stack, the leader in cloud security and compliance management, today announced availability of a free cloud security trial for Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers. The free trial provides DevOps and Security teams with a unique risk score for cloud environments based on security best practices established by both AWS and Center for Internet Security (CIS).

“Our customers depend on the performance, reliability, and security of the Wavefront cloud monitoring SaaS,” said Mike McMahon, Senior Operations Engineer, Wavefront. “With Threat Stack, we have the visibility we need into our customers’ infrastructure through intuitive dashboards, detailed alerting, and configuration auditing capabilities. Threat Stack helps our security operations team to respond with speed and agility.”

The new seven-day free-trial version of the Threat Stack Audit Plan is designed for organizations that need to establish a security baseline, identify AWS configuration risks, and demonstrate their cloud security posture to customers and stakeholders. A Threat Stack configuration audit scan takes less than five minutes to provide a score and recommended steps for improvement. With the Threat Stack free Audit Plan, users at any stage in their cloud security maturity, from early to advanced, immediately identify what is improperly configured in their environment and receives recommendations on how to enhance.

“Scaling resource instances in the cloud can create challenges for security professionals tasked with conforming to configuration policies and best practices,” said Brian M. Ahern, Chairman and CEO, Threat Stack. “Threat Stack Auditing capabilities are designed to immediately baseline customer’s configuration risks and vulnerabilities and can also be augmented with continuous monitoring, alerting, and investigation into real-time threats across their entire infrastructure.”

For customers who want to take further action to secure their cloud environment, the free trial seamlessly integrates with the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® (CSP) providing the only cloud security solution that brings together configuration auditing, real-time host level monitoring, compliance reporting, investigation and out-of-the-box workflow integrations. Threat Stack supports all aspects of customers’ cloud security needs, from early stage to rapid growth. Its cloud-native architecture automatically scales up or down with the capacity of customers’ infrastructures to ensure continuous visibility across elastic environments, including on-premise, private cloud, public cloud and hybrid environments.

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Threat Stack enables growth-driven companies to scale with confidence by identifying and verifying insider threats, external attacks and data loss in real-time. The only fully integrated, cloud-native continuous monitoring solution that gives customers instant visibility and automatically responds to changes in their environment, Threat Stack provides the coverage needed to run secure and compliant, in all environments, without sacrificing speed and efficiency. For more information, or to start a free trial, visit