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Applause Leverages Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® to Meet the High Security Standards of Its Industry-Leading Customers

Threat Stack, a leader in cloud-native security and compliance management, announced today that Applause, the global leader in digital testing, selected the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® (CSP) to achieve greater security visibility into its cloud environments. Threat Stack CSP enables Applause to meet the high-level security needs and compliance standards of its industry-leading enterprise customers.

Applause provides managed testing services for web, mobile, internet of things (IoT) and other digital experiences by harnessing the power of a global community to test on real devices in real locations under real-world conditions. The Applause platform connects its customers with the professional testing community to collect and analyze issues and feedback that brands act on to deliver great digital properties and products. Applause uses Threat Stack CSP’s integrated infrastructure monitoring and vulnerability management capabilities to receive greater context around threats to secure the Applause platform. This level of visibility allows the company to identify and remediate threats before they impact customers. Threat Stack CSP helps Applause meet customers’ compliance regulations and cuts down on the time spent performing security audits.

“We’re an agile technology company that moves fast,” said Thom Kenney, CTO, Applause. “We needed a security solution that would help us manage and address risks while still maintaining that speed. Threat Stack helps us meet the compliance and security needs of our customers without throwing up a bunch of red flags and false positives with no context.”

Threat Stack CSP enables Applause’s cloud infrastructure and operations teams to have a shared role in security monitoring. Alerts are integrated in real-time directly into both team’s workflows to enable greater collaboration and fast, fully-informed responses.

“We’re excited to partner with Applause to help them meet the high security standards of their client roster,” said Brian M. Ahern, Chairman and CEO, Threat Stack. “We understand Applause’s need to move fast and Threat Stack helps them achieve that speed while also maintaining their security posture.”

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