The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®is designed for the unique challenges facing Security and Operations teams building in the cloud.

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform feeds your Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program with unprecedented data, alerts, and investigative capabilities.

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Gain Visibility into Your Infrastructure

Monitor Your Entire Infrastructure — Even as You Scale

Rapid development and operations cycles mean infrastructure is constantly changing. The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform gives Security and Operations a single place to monitor your infrastructure, detect potential security incidents, and understand patterns of risky behavior across your organization. To give you a complete view, Threat Stack automatically detects new instances, containers, and changes to your IaaS console configurations. Additionally, Threat Stack monitors for anomalous and risky user, system, and file behavior in near real time, so action can be taken immediately.

Investigate Potential Security Incidents in Minutes

Once anomalous behavior is detected, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform offers the necessary context around each event to understand what happened, without requiring you to gather and dig through log files. Threat Stack offers a timeline of events by instance, user, or IP address, so you can quickly identify what happened, cutting down your response from hours or days to minutes. With Threat Stack OversightSM and Threat Stack InsightSM services, a Threat Stack Security Engineer will alert you of the incident, then work with you to help you understand what happened so you can address it.

Evolve Your Security Strategy from Reactive to Proactive

Reduce Patterns of Risky Behavior

As IT becomes increasingly decentralized, security needs to better integrate with other business units to reduce risk. Threat Stack helps you understand patterns of behavior, identify the risky ones, and reduce them over time — so you’re building security into your day-to-day operations.

Detect Attacks Before They Make Headlines

Security threats are more varied than ever, so if you’re purchasing security solutions to protect against the latest trend, you’ll always be one step behind the adversaries. Unlike attack signature solutions that match network traffic with a pre-set database, Threat Stack’s behavioral analysis looks for indicators of compromise. Because we’re host-based, we’ll still detect anomalous events, even if an attacker has made it past your perimeter controls.

Protect a Greater Surface Area

The more detection points you have, the greater the likelihood that your attacker will trigger one — helping you intervene before it turns into a breach. Rather than simply monitoring traffic passing through your perimeter, Threat Stack lays sensors all over your infrastructure, from the host to your IaaS API calls. More detection points means a greater chance you’ll stop them in their tracks.

How the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform Works

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform combines powerful detection and assessment technologies to monitor your cloud, hybrid-cloud, or multi-cloud environment. Simply install a lightweight agent on each instance, or automate the process, to start sending events up to the Cloud Security Platform in near real time. Threat Stack will run all events through a customizable set of rules and alert you of any risky or anomalous behavior. If you’re running on AWS, we also integrate with your AWS accounts to monitor your CloudTrail and configurations for suspicious activity or insecure settings.

Detect Risky Behavior and Signs of an Incident

Intrusion Detection System

Threat Stack looks for anomalous behaviors on the host and containers, so we can detect attacks, even if they have bypassed your perimeter controls — or came from the inside. Our Cloud IDS solution also scales far more seamlessly than trying to put a perimeter around your elastic infrastructure.

File Integrity Monitoring

Our unique approach to file integrity monitoring shows you whether sensitive files have been opened, edited, copied, or moved. Then we give you the context to show you who did it and what else they did before and after — helping you understand whether it’s normal or not.

Monitor Your Infrastructure and Assess Vulnerabilities

Control Plane Monitoring

Your infrastructure is more than just servers. Threat Stack CloudTrail Monitoring applies behavioral detection to your CloudTrail API logs so you can detect anomalous behavior within your AWS account, whether it be changes to S3 buckets or instances spun up in an otherwise inactive region.

Vulnerability Assessment

Threat Stack identifies host-level vulnerabilities to help you ensure that your patches are up to date.

Hear How Nuxeo Secures Their Infrastructure With the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform

I would definitely recommend Threat Stack to any type of organization, small or big, because it will help you achieve complete infrastructure security at an affordable cost.

Remi CattiauHead of Security, Nuxeo


Don’t Let Your Security Tool Chain Hold You Back From Scaling

Cloud Native SaaS Platform doesn’t require you to spin up additional servers.

Host-Based, Behavioral Detection gives you complete visibility into your perimeterless environment.

Lightweight Agent acts like a kernel module, but runs in user space — helping maintain stability and limiting CPU usage.

Auto Scaling Technology enables you to grow your business and align your costs, securely.

Near Real-Time Alerting and Event Context helps you to significantly reduce your time to respond to a breach.

Integrate With Your Tool Chain

Threat Stack’s flexible RESTful and Webhook APIs enable you to integrate with Security and DevOps tools.

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