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Threat Stack Solution Tiers

Threat Stack offers both technology and services to help you build a robust Cloud Security program. Explore the combinations to find the mix that’s right for your organization.

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Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform monitors your infrastructure for risky behavior and configurations.

API Access and Data Export Unlimited Platform Seats Cloud Management Console Security Monitoring Host Security Monitoring Container Orchestration Security Monitoring Container Security Monitoring Application Security Monitoring

Threat Stack Plans

Threat Stack offers three different solutions to meet your company’s Cloud SecOps needs. Whether you have an in-house team managing your security alerts or you need support with your monitoring and proactive risk reduction strategy, Threat Stack will help you meet your security goals.

Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform
Threat Stack Oversight
Threat Stack Insight
The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform integrates with AWS APIs to monitor AWS CloudTrail and AWS EC2. Threat Stack CloudTrail monitoring detects suspicious behaviors and changes to configurations. Threat Stack’s EC2 integrations offer visibility into all active EC2 instances.
The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform monitors user, system, and file activity on the hosts, using a combination of Host Intrusion Detection, File Integrity Monitoring, Vulnerability Assessment, and Threat Intelligence Correlation. Threat Stack offers rulesets to detect risky and suspicious behavior as well as non-compliant activity.
The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform integrates with Docker to monitor suspicious container behavior or misconfigurations. The platform offers out-of-the box, customizable Docker rulesets for CIS benchmarks and general insecure behaviors.
The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform monitors Kubernetes for suspicious behavior or misconfigurations. The platform offers an out-of-the box, customizable Kubernetes ruleset.
Threat Stack Application Security Monitoring detects vulnerabilities in code and blocks live attacks in real time, throughout the application development lifecycle from development through production.
Threat Stack offers the ability to store and consume alerts in third-party tools and services. Threat Stack’s Webhook and RESTful APIs give users the ability to build triage and response workflows. Threat Stack also gives users the ability to export all events to an S3 bucket for long-term storage, forensics, or custom reporting.
Threat Stack does not limit the number of users who can access the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform.
A dedicated onboarding specialist will enable customers to use the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform. This includes deployment assistance, alert tuning, training, and supported integration assistance.
A dedicated customer success manager will serve as an ongoing point of contact and proactively ensure that customers are meeting their cloud security goals.
The Threat Stack Technical Support team is available to answer questions and support customers through technical issues.
Incident Response
A Threat Stack Security Operations Center (SOC) team member will monitor the customer’s Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform for critical alerts.
A SOC team member will investigate alerts and collect customer-specific data.
If an alert is deemed suspicious or risky, a SOC team member will notify the customer of the alert within 24 hours of receiving it and will provide an explanation and recommendations for remediation.
Risk Reduction
Create and deliver monthly reports using customer data in the areas of, User Access Management Report, Network Behavior Report, CloudTrail Activity Report, File Behavior Report, and Vulnerability Report.
On a monthly basis, a Threat Stack security analyst will provide written recommendations for risk reduction based on reports.
Depending on need, each customer may request a 1 hour call each month to discuss the report, analysis, and recommendations.

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