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Threat Stack offers both technology and services to help you build an integrated program. Explore the combinations to find the mix that’s right for your organization, and see below for what is included in each.

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Let Threat Stack Help YouBuild a SecOps Program

Let Threat Stack Help YouMake Data-Driven Decisions

Let Threat Stack Help YouMonitor for Potential Incidents

Let Your Internal ResourcesDrive Your Cloud Strategy

Threat Stack Maturity Framework ServiceSM

Threat Stack InsightSM

Threat Stack OversightSM

Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®

With the complete Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program, you’ll get the roadmap, technology, and experts you need to integrate Security and Operations. We’ll start by defining your goals, then help you proactively reduce risk based on curated analytics - while monitoring for potential security incidents. All the while, your program will be powered by the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform.

If you already have a SecOps Strategy in place, the combination of Threat Stack Insight, Threat Stack Oversight and the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform will help you make data-driven decisions with curated analytics. Threat Stack will also monitor your infrastructure and alert you of suspicious behavior that indicates you’ve been compromised.

If you already have a SecOps Strategy in place and the internal resources to curate analytics, the combination of Threat Stack Oversight and the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform will give you the experts and technology you need to monitor your infrastructure and ensure you’re alerted of any suspicious behavior indicating you’ve been compromised.

If you have your own Cloud SecOps strategy and the resources to drive the program, you can use our flexible platform to achieve your Cloud Security and Operations goals.

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TechnologyThreat Stack Cloud Security Platform

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform monitors your infrastructure for risky behavior and configurations.

Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

Threat Stack Investigate

Monitor for Risky Behavior & Vulnerabilities

Threat Stack Investigate monitors your host for suspicious user, system, and file behavior so you can systematically reduce risk over time and respond to potential security incidents.


  • Host Intrusion Detection
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Docker Container Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence Correlation

CloudTrail Monitoring

Threat Stack Control Plane Monitoring

Monitor IaaS Services

Monitor all your users across any AWS Service that feeds into the CloudTrail API. Receive actionable alerts on suspicious activity, visualize every EC2 host you have spun up across your accounts, and receive a daily CloudTrail alert report.


  • AWS CloudTrail Monitoring
  • AWS EC2 Integration
  • Daily CloudTrail Alert Report


Threat Stack experts will work alongside your team to help define your SecOps roadmap, curate analytics, and monitor your infrastructure.

Threat Stack Maturity Framework Service

Define Your Roadmap

A Threat Stack Security Architect will work with your Security, Operations, and DevOps teams to evaluate your security practices and set goals to mature your organization. You’ll receive access to the proprietary Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Maturity Framework and ongoing expert consultations.


  • Assessment against Threat Stack CloudOps Maturity Framework
  • Access to the Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Framework
  • Regularly Scheduled Meetings with a Cloud Security Architect

*Includes Threat Stack Insight and Threat Stack Oversight

Threat Stack Insight

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Let an expert optimize your Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform to help you make data-driven decisions and reduce risk. Receive curated analytics and reports, ecosystem integration support, and monthly status meetings.


  • Curated Reporting & Analytics
  • Monthly Status Meetings
  • Closed Loop Alert Communication
  • Advanced Rules Management
  • Access to Threat Stack Analyst
  • Integration Support

*Includes Threat Stack Oversight

Threat Stack Oversight

Monitor for Security Incidents

Let an expert continuously monitor the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform to triage alerts, notify you of suspicious behavior, and optimize rules and configurations on an ongoing basis.


  • Monitoring
  • Alert Tuning
  • Incident Confirmation & Prioritization

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