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Secure Your Modern Apps with Threat Stack and F5

Running apps on cloud native infrastructure increases the threat surface of your environment. Learn how Threat Stack and F5 combine application and API security with Application Infrastructure Protection to keep your modern applications safe and your business moving forward.

The Increasing Threat Surface for Attacks

See our video to learn how different types of attacks can hit different parts of a modern application, and how Threat Stack combines with the F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP to help stay secure:

77% of organizations focused on accelerating their digital transformation efforts are investing in modernizing applications, an increase of 133% over the previous year.

F5’s 2021 State
of the Application
Strategy Report

Key Benefits

high efficient detection
High-Efficacy Detection

Real-time threat detection across billions of data points collected daily, with context and workflow to speed remediation when combined with the F5 DistributedCloud WAAP.

speed deployment icon
Speed of Deployment

Made for ephemeral environments, automating telemetry collection without disrupting application delivery and the pace of innovation.

increase visibility icon
Increased Visibility

Telemetry collection and analysis from cloud workloads wherever they are deployed: on-prem, hybrid, public cloud providers. Delivers a unified view for threat detection.

remediation cog icon
Remediation Integration

Threat Stack has robust integrations to customer SIEM or SOAR platforms to support remediation efforts—and future integrations with theF5 Distributed Cloud WAAP.

The Power of Threat Stack and F5

Read our brief overview for a deeper dive into comprehensive cloud native security from Threat Stack and F5. Learn how to protect all your cloud workloads—from apps and APIs to infrastructure.

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