Managed Detection and Response

Send Threat Stack cloud security telemetry to your MDR solution.

Threat Detection and Remediation in the Cloud

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services offer threat monitoring, detection, and response. If you’re already using an MDR that partners with Threat Stack, you can send signals to their team and work with your existing provider to respond to alerts. Alternatively, with the Threat Stack OversightSM service, our team of cloud security experts can monitor your cloud infrastructure on your behalf and escalate signs of risky behavior or compromise to you.

Reduce Your Mean Time to Know

Get peace of mind that your infrastructure is being monitored around the clock — and get alerted right away if it looks like you’ve been compromised.

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Keep Incident Response Experts at the Ready

Threat Stack and its MDR partners have teams of experts at the ready to help you through the incident response process — regardless of your in house resources.

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Stay Compliant Without Spending Time or Resources

Many regulatory compliance frameworks require incident monitoring. With Threat Stack MDR, you’ll be able to get coverage without diverting your staff.

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