VictorOps Integration

Integrate security alerting directly into your DevOps escalation workflows.

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Ensure DevOps is Done Right

DevOps teams need tools that integrate security alerting directly into their existing workflows so teams can respond quickly — and with relevant context about what occurred.

VictorOps’ incident management software is purpose-built for DevOps. With on-call basics, cross-team collaboration, and streamlined visibility, VictorOps gives incident commanders the tools that make on-call suck less.

With Threat Stack’s VictorOps integration, users can:

  • Enable security alerting within VictorOps, allowing them to manage escalation workflows all in one place
  • Receive critical security alerts in near real time to push business operations forward
  • Create a single dashboard view for integrated workload insights, infrastructure monitoring, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, and compliance reporting

Set up integration in Threat Stack

  1. From the main web portal, select Settings, then Integrations, then VictorOps Integration.
  2. Enter a name and description for the integration, then paste in the “Post URL” you copied from VictorOps.
  3. Choose the Alert Severity you want to send to VictorOps.

Set up integration in VictorOps

  1. From the VictorOps web portal, select Settings, then Alert Behavior, then Integrations.
  2. Select the Threat Stack Integration.
  3. Enable the integration, and copy the “Service API Endpoint” to your clipboard.