Red Canary

Reduce the mean time to remediation for security alerts identified with automated and managed response.

Customers of Threat Stack and Red Canary can leverage the Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program and Red Canary to gain a correlated view of cloud security feeds for faster mean time to remediation. Red Canary enhances the Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program by integrating Threat Stack’s curated data signals and alerts from public cloud infrastructure with Red Canary’s behavioral analysis to identify potential attacks as defined by MITRE ATT&CK. Threat Stack and Red Canary will automatically escalate, investigate, and manage the confirmed risks to reduce the mean time to remediation.

Visibility within your environment, and the ability to quickly respond when things go bad, are two of the most important elements of any security program... The combination of Red Canary’s critical response solution and Threat Stack’s cloud threat detection capabilities help provide visibility of our cloud infrastructure and its security posture, so we can quickly respond when needed.

Robb ReckCISO, Ping Identity

About Red Canary

Red Canary was founded in 2014 with a single purpose: improve security for organizations of all sizes. Today, it defends hundreds of customers around the world, ranging from global Fortune 100s to 100-endpoint organizations. The cloud-based services that Red Canary offers level the playing field by empowering every defender to win against rapidly evolving adversaries.

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