Integration Framework

The Threat Stack Integration Framework is powered by a combination of RESTful APIs and Webhooks to allow consumption of rich, context-driven information from Threat Stack in a variety of use cases for alerts, events, vulnerabilities, threat analytics, and remediation workflows.

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Threat Stack has always provided unprecedented data and context for incident response. The data-rich insights enabled by our enhanced integrations allow Security teams’ value to shift from point-in-time reaction to proactive risk reduction with powerful analytics that highlight patterns and trends across their environments. This enables stronger understanding and communication of risk across user organizations and to their customers.

Our integrations have enabled stronger security programs through:

Triaging Alerts

OpsGenie integrates with Threat Stack to properly dispatch and escalate alerts.

Unified Reporting View

A leading cryptocurrency company integrates Threat Stack with their custom analytics dashboard to help their Ops team reduce their risk, understand efficiencies, and tighten up best practices.

Customer Communication

A data warehousing company integrates Threat Stack with Splunk to create a custom dashboard for each customer – providing continuous security monitoring and visibility into customers’ servers.

Security Automation and Orchestration

Threat Stack integrates with Graylog to get insight into potential data leaks by looking for relative logs and having alerts sent to them immediately. We also look at alert trends to understand changes in user and application behavior.

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