Forrester Total Economic Impact™ TEI Study: The Real ROI and Benefits of Running Businesses Securely in the Cloud

With the business-driven shift to running cloud workloads comes increasing concern on how to best monitor and resolve threats to cloud-native apps, APIs, and infrastructure, while also avoiding “alert noise” and maintaining security compliance.

These can be addressed by:

  • Reducing the risk of data breaches by improving visibility across the infrastructure
  • Improving productivity by reducing false positives (alert noise) and increasing focus on high-importance alerts
  • What skills and tools are needed to prepare for an expanding attack surface and emerging threats

Threat Stack, part of F5, can help in these areas. Forrester Consulting recently published a TEI study on behalf of Threat Stack to evaluate the cost savings and business benefits organizations realize through Threat Stack’s cloud security solutions.

View Threat Stack’s RVP of Product and Engineering, Chris Ford, and guest speakers from Forrester as they walk through the details of Forrester’s research methodology for TEI and their research findings.

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Comprehensive Security for Modern Applications and APIs

High-Efficacy Threat Detection:

Detect threats in real time across billions of events collected per day with context to take the right action.

App Deployment Speed:

Automate deployment of telemetry collection without disrupting app delivery in ephemeral environments.

Increased Visibility:

Collect telemetry from all cloud workloads for a unified view of the real-time threats to your environment.

Remediation Integration:

Integrate with your security workflow tools like SIEM or SOAR for remediation, or trigger action in the F5 Distributed Cloud WAAP.

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March 23, 2022
Amazing Cloud Security Monitoring / Compliance Platform

There are a lot of things to like about the entire platform... They helped with detecting and triaging high-severity issues and investigate alerts on our behalf.

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