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What does Threat Stack do?

Threat Stack is the leader in cloud security and compliance for infrastructure and applications. We help companies securely leverage the business benefits of the cloud with proactive risk identification and real-time threat detection across cloud workloads. We do this by providing full stack security observability.

What is Full Stack Security Observability?

Full stack security observability is in-depth, comprehensive, and contextual visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure. It involves connecting the dots from your cloud management console, host, Docker containers, Kubernetes orchestration, managed container services, APIs, microservices, and web applications to help you understand the whole picture. With full stack security observability, Threat Stack customers can proactively reduce risk and immediately detect and minimize the impact of security incidents.

What is the difference between the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform and Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program?

The Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® is a SaaS-based, self-service product that gives users a comprehensive view of their entire cloud security ecosystem in a single platform. It pulls signals from across each user’s cloud infrastructure including the cloud management console, host, containers, container orchestration, managed container services, and applications and presents them in an easy-to-understand user interface.

The Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program℠ is a combination of two co-managed services: Threat Stack Oversight℠ and Threat Stack Insight℠. Together these services leverage the data coming out of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform to help customers respond to threats in real time and proactively improve their cloud security posture over time.

What is the difference between Threat Stack Oversight and Threat Stack Insight?

With Threat Stack Oversight, customers gain access to the cloud security experts in Threat Stack’s Security Operations Center (SOC), who monitor the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform 24/7 on the customer’s behalf (which can help meet many compliance requirements). Threat Stack’s SOC analysts use their cloud security expertise and in-depth knowledge of each customer’s unique environment to triage, investigate, and validate alerts to gather context. They then notify customers of suspicious behavior with specific and actionable recommendations for remediation.

The Threat Stack Insight service helps our customers make data-driven decisions and proactively improve their security posture over time. Threat Stack security experts work with customers to evaluate their current cloud security posture and develop a mutually agreed upon plan for reducing their risk over time using the in-depth security telemetry provided by the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform.

What cloud providers does Threat Stack work with?

Threat Stack works with all public cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. We also work extensively with managed and private cloud providers.

What operating systems does Threat Stack support?

Threat Stack supports most Linux and Windows Server-based operating systems.

What compliance standards does Threat Stack support?

Threat Stack has pre-built, one-click compliance controls for many of the most common compliance frameworks and regulations including HIPAA, PCI, and SOC 2. We also satisfy many of the core requirements in other compliance frameworks like ISO 27001 and GDPR. Through our custom rulesets, we also work with many customers on satisfying industry-specific compliance requirements and regulations.

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