Threat Stack is purpose-built for Ops and Security teams running in the cloud.

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Security that accelerates your continuous deployment.

Quickly detect and remediate insecure behaviors of systems, users, and environment

Integrate with your existing tool chain and workflow

Centralize tools and correlate data from across your environment

Busy DevOps teams need a security solution that fits into their world, not legacy tools designed for a different era. Threat Stack was built to fit seamlessly into your workflow and helps you apply DevOps principles to security and operational processes.

Enable security and operations to work together.

The DevOps principle of collaboration goes beyond its namesake of Dev and Ops. Today, all teams — not just security practitioners — participate in and own various security processes. So security needs to act as a business partner, not a gatekeeper. Threat Stack offers a security platform that’s intuitive for operations, so they can take ownership of the security of their environments. Meanwhile, security can gain the visibility and control they need to reduce risk.

Automate manual processes, so security doesn’t slow you down.

Automation is a core principle of DevOps. Threat Stack can help you automate manual processes, like digging through log files and finding relevant data across disparate point solutions. Then, it surfaces the information and context you need, so you can take action quickly. Threat Stack also helps you build security and compliance into the system automation tools you’re already using — like baking our agent into recipes using Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and more — so you can make Threat Stack another part of your existing workflow. All of this automation saves you time, so you can focus on DevOps-ing the next big thing.

Close the feedback loop.

Threat Stack works to close the feedback loop by helping you detect and take action on events immediately, before they become catastrophic. Integrations with Slack, Pagerduty, and other communication tools enable your team to respond within their workflow and encourage them to proactively communicate about changes that may introduce risk.

Have peace of mind that you’ll stay secure, while development and operations teams practice DevOps.

DevOps is all about iteration and speed — two concepts that are typically at odds with security. Threat Stack offers visibility into what your team is doing — whether it’s spinning up servers, downloading software, and more. This means that developers can have broader access to systems they are writing code for, working closely with operations team members to better understand how they will support the systems that run their code. Meanwhile, Threat Stack will give you complete visibility — so you can feel confident you’ll be made aware of suspicious behavior — and can take immediate action — without slowing your team down with blockers and permissions.