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Threat Stack Insight℠

The Threat Stack Insight service gives you all the benefits of Threat Stack Oversight℠, plus custom platform analytics and ongoing coaching to help you build a Cloud SecOps strategy and reduce infrastructure risk.

Cloud Security Experts For Your Business

With Insight, you get access to a dedicated team of Threat Stack experts to help you achieve your security goals. Each team member is dedicated to helping you close the gap between cloud security and operations. Insight lets you leverage our security professionals without having to recruit, train, or maintain your own in-house talent.

Cloud Security

Conquer the Cloud With a SecOps Coach

Each month, you’ll have the option to meet with your dedicated cloud SecOps coach and review findings. Your coach will provide recommendations and help you set new security goals.

Secure Cloud Sec Ops Coach

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December 7, 2020
Responsive security services

Threat Stack's 24/7 SOC, monthly vulnerability and alert analysis, tuning to reduce noise, compliance mapping, and responsive support provide a very cost effective package of security monitoring services.

Increase Insight and Security Productivity

Monthly Insight reports directly from our security team at ThreatStack really help breakdown our overall security posture and where we are at as a company. It has valuable information that we can take and break into individual work items and complete.

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Threat Stack is here to support you in achieving your goals for securing your entire cloud infrastructure and application stack. Learn more about how Oversight and Insight will arm you with a dedicated, in-house security team to provide expertise, reporting, and 24/7/365 management and support for your cloud security operations.

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