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File Integrity
Monitoring (FIM)

Threat Stack provides continuous File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) with the context needed to take action immediately.

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The Problem: Most File Integrity Monitoring Solutions Use a Hashing Approach

Traditional approaches to File Integrity Monitoring rely on a hashing or signature-based process that compares a current hash version to a prior "known good" version to see whether changes have been made to a file or set of files. Although this method can help detect a few key system binaries often weaponized by malware, it will not detect when an attacker has merely accessed or copied a file. Additionally, companies are often limited to scanning once a day, usually during off hours, to avoid facing challenges with scale in large environments that require touching every file or computing a hash, lookup, or compare. Running on a periodic basis means an attacker has a larger attack window with free range to make significant changes before any follow up scans are performed. This traditional approach provides a false sense of security.

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A More Thorough Approach to File Integrity Monitoring

Unlike traditional approaches, Threat Stack provides complete File Integrity Monitoring on a continuous basis, alerting you in real time if a critical file has been opened, copied, moved, created, or modified in a way that appears suspicious. Furthermore, Threat Stack provides context for the change, including the user who made the change and the command line process that was performed. This provides visibility into every suspicious file activity, ultimately increasing the chances you’ll detect the file changes made by an attacker.

Investigate File Behavior in the Context of an Entire Attack

Once you’ve been alerted to suspicious file activity, Threat Stack's file integrity monitoring (FIM) software provides important context to help you understand what happened. If you’d like to investigate further, you can view all alerts or raw events that occurred before and after this particular alert-triggering event and any associated anomalies detected by ThreatML, helping you quickly determine whether the event was malicious or not.

Quickly Spot File Behavior Trends and Anomalies

Within the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform, you’ll see summaries of specific file activities and when certain types of behavior occurred. Additionally, with Threat Stack Insight℠, you’ll receive personally curated analytics to show how and when users are interacting with your files, helping you to spot risky patterns and anomalies, and make decisions to proactively reduce your risk.

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