Container Security

Threat Stack container security solutions uncover security and compliance risks across containers, Kubernetes, and AWS Fargate — while providing real-time context to enable quick response.

Take A Best Practice Approach to Container Security

Account For Known and Unknown Risk

We provide comprehensive sets of rules based on container security threats and best practices to detect known threats to containers and use ThreatML™ to identify anomalies and unknown risk.

Identify Risky Behavior or Intrusion

Use real-time behavioral analysis to correlate processes between containers, the cloud management console, and host operating systems to track risky behaviors back to their source.

Deploy Flexibly

Threat Stack's container security solutions can be deployed into a wide variety of environments via daemonsets, configuration management tools, or machine images — so you’ll get automated coverage regardless of your workflow. A sidecar agent option supports managed container services like AWS Fargate.

full stack container security

Get Full Stack Context

Threat Stack’s container security solutions give you a single place to monitor your containers, Kubernetes, hosts, cloud management console, and applications. This gives you centralized control of your entire infrastructure and the ability to investigate incidents across layers of infrastructure, ensuring full stack cloud security

Deeply Audit Managed Container Services

For services like AWS Fargate, cloud providers assume more responsibility for infrastructure security, but there’s still attack surface to account for. Threat Stack provides deep visibility — both within containers and alongside them — at the application level and in the cloud management console.

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