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Cloud Management Console Monitoring

Threat Stack Cloud Management Console Monitoring capabilities allow you to quickly understand your attack surface and manage risk across your AWS services and accounts.

cloud security posture management (CSPM)

Our Approach to Cloud Management Console Monitoring

CloudTrail Monitoring

Ingests data from AWS CloudTrail to alert you of changes made like instances spun up in unused regions.

IAM Policy

Monitor your AWS account to make sure that all your employees are adhering to your IAM policies, like password standards or root access.

EC2 Inventory

See an inventory of all servers and instances across multiple AWS accounts and see key information like instance ID, region, type, IP, and more.

Configuration Auditing

Scan configurations across core AWS services, aggregating findings from multiple AWS profiles.

How our Cloud Management Console Monitoring Works

Threat Stack integrates with the AWS Management Console to incorporate account metadata that adds depth and context to Threat Stack alerting. To apply rules intelligently, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® also integrates with Tags applied to EC2 instances. Users can selectively include or exclude specific rules based on pre-existing Tags, optimizing which rules do — or don’t — run based on their own custom tagging strategies. Threat Stack will also leverage the anomaly detection capabilities of ThreatML™ to help identify new rules and/or suggest changes to improve their targeting.

To complement deep runtime context, Threat Stack also provides Cloud Management Console Monitoring policies for scanning the configuration of your foundational AWS services against CIS Benchmarks.

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