Continuous Cloud Compliance

Learn how our customer,, deploys PCI DSS compliant Kubernetes clusters while maintaining DevOps speed.

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The Threat Stack Difference

Simply Switch on Compliance Controls

Switch on Compliance Controls

We’ve done the hard work for you. With Threat Stack’s pre-built compliance rulesets, you can turn on controls instantly and easily prove it to auditors and customers.

Become Compliant, Then Maintain It

Become Compliant

Threat Stack continuously monitors your infrastructure and helps you build security controls into your practices and workflows, making it easy to prove you’re compliant — whenever you need to.

Get Guidance From Our Experts

Expert Compliance Guidance

Threat Stack’s team of experts will help you build a strategy to automate security and compliance practices, so compliance becomes part of your processes — not a constant interruption.

The most compelling piece about Threat Stack is that we were able to greatly simplify the SOC 2 Type 1 certification process by providing Threat Stack as evidence of our security policies in practice.

Jameel Al-AzizDevOps/Software Engineer, 6sense

Threat Stack helps you achieve regulatory and customer compliance.

How We Do It

Turn on Pre-Built Rulesets That Map to Compliance Controls

Threat Stack offers pre-built rulesets that map to many of the major regulatory compliance requirements. Rather than building custom controls and figuring out how they map to various compliance frameworks, we’ve done the legwork for you.

SOC 2 Compliance Ruleset

Give them the keys to your stack and sit back as the platform reviews configs, applies compliance rulesets and monitors your stack 24/7.

Gartner Peer Insight

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ISO 27001 Report

Custom Sample Daily Compliance Alert Report

Prove You’re Compliant to Regulators and Customers

To help you quickly show auditors and customers that you have the right controls in place, the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® gives you a daily compliance report that provides up-to-date proof that you have measures in place to align with your compliance requirements.

Threat Stack helps us automate our general security and auditing process, but the best part is eliminating manual evidence collection for compliance.

Harrison H.Verified User

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Make Compliance More Than an Annual Interruption

Ongoing compliance can speed up sales cycles, help you move into expanded markets, and increase investor confidence — yet it too often feels like a scramble to get in shape for the auditors. Threat Stack offers continuous monitoring to help you prove you’re secure on an ongoing basis. Additionally, with Threat Stack’s Cloud SecOps Program℠, we’ll help you automate your security and compliance controls into your DevOps processes so they become part of your everyday workflows.

Compliance More than an Interruption

Being able to give third-party auditors access to our Threat Stack account to see exactly where our security and compliance posture stands today makes it more efficient and cost-effective to work with these partners when going through an audit.

Steve CaldwellDirector of Engineering, Springbuk

Compliance Team

Lean on Our Team to Help Prepare for Compliance

Whether you’re a compliance expert or you’re facing your first compliance project, passing an audit can be daunting. The Threat Stack team can support you throughout the process either by helping to guide your strategy or by supplementing your team with manpower to monitor your infrastructure and meet response SLAs.

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