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Why Sprout Social Chose Threat Stack to Secure Social Data for More Than 17,000 Brands

The growth of content in social media is astounding. Today, brands receive 400% more social messages than they did a year ago. The nature of these conversations is significant, and as a result, brands are rapidly adopting social media as a first-class communication channel. At Sprout Social, we provide social media engagement, analytics, and advocacy solutions for more than 17,000 customers worldwide. Those customers trust us to keep their conversations secure, which is why we selected Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® (CSP) as a key component of our IT security stack.

We build tools to make it easier for businesses to leverage social media, and our customers trust us to safeguard the keys to their social media realms. As we grow and continually refine our security program, we regularly face a dilemma common for software companies: should we build our own security solution or invest in a third-party solution? Recognizing that our priority should be building our products and growing our business, we determined it was time to look for an outside security solution. We wanted a modern approach that was highly capable while being efficient, cost-effective, and scalable, and found that Threat Stack met our needs and exceeded our expectations.

Threat Stack offers Sprout a Cloud-native security platform that will grow as we do. It delivers a deep level of monitoring and detection that fits our needs and enables us to ensure our customers’ peace of mind when it comes to platform security. For Sprout, Threat Stack is like having a security system installed throughout the entire house — we now have one centralized interface to control, view, and act upon alerts, giving us more visibility in a consistent way and enabling greater efficiency.

The Sprout platform is built to empower brands to openly engage with customers, building relationships, community, and loyalty. The relationships our customers build with their audiences are just as important to us as the ones they build with Sprout — so it is critical that any organization, whether it is a small business, international agency, or enterprise corporation, feels confident trusting us to handle sensitive social data. Threat Stack provides the coverage, scalability, and visibility we need to ensure our customers’ security in all environments without sacrificing speed or efficiency.