We’ve Raised $5M in Funding To Further Protect Cloud Environments From Intrusions & Data Loss

We’re thrilled to announce today that we have raised an additional $5M in funding from Atlas Venture and .406 Ventures. The funding will be used to further develop and commercialize our cloud security monitoring service, which officially launched last month, and expand our footprint with customers using Amazon Web Services.

This announcement comes right on the heels of our highly successful and over subscribed beta program and officially launching on-stage in November at Amazon CTO Dr. Werner Vogel’s Start-up Launch keynote during the AWS re:Invent Conference.

We’re committed to building the best-in-market continuous security monitoring solution for application workloads, helping companies detect malicious activity and protect their systems from intrusions and data loss. The cloud security space is only heating up faster and our additional funding will allow us to continue to build out our team (want to work with us?) and the Threat Stack service even better and faster.

“As Cloud services are increasing, so are data breaches in the Cloud. It’s not enough to rely on your CSP’s security solution. With Threat Stack, customers can take more control of their applications and data security through the early detection of malicious activity,” said Maria Cirino, managing director at .406 Ventures.

The industry-wide problem we’re addressing is the visibility gap that exists today in cloud environments. Since customers don’t have access to the physical infrastructure and can’t deploy traditional intrusion detection systems or other network-based security controls, they are left without the visibility they need to protect their customers and data. As a result, cloud-resident workloads and the data they access are vulnerable to malicious threats putting them at risk of intrusions and compromise.

“To address privacy and security challenges in the cloud, there exists a shared responsibility between customers and their Cloud Service Providers (CSP).  Threat Stack provides a security solution that complements their CSPs existing set of security controls, and gives them a comprehensive security architecture for all their cloud resources,” said Doug Cahill, CEO of Threat Stack.  “Our investors share our vision and excitement for the way we’re addressing security challenges in the cloud.  This latest round of funding demonstrates the support and confidence they have in the Threat Stack team as we make our move to expand and grab market share.”

“It’s no longer a question of if you are being hacked, but if you know that you are being hacked.  Threat Stack brings an invaluable service to enterprises leveraging cloud-based infrastructure, particularly those running mission-critical applications,” said Chris Lynch, partner at Atlas Venture.


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