[Webinar] Beyond Detection and Response: Unveiling the Azazel Rootkit

Now that the dust has finally settled after RSA and we’ve had a chance to come up for a breath of fresh air, we’re excited to announce that we’re hosting our first webinar!

On Wednesday, March 19th at 1pm (one week from today) we will be presenting a webinar on “Detection, Response and the Azazel Compromise”. It will be, first and foremost, a cloud security tech talk with our CEO, Doug Cahill, and one of our founders, Dustin Webber, on the state of threat detection and response for cloud-based servers.

You’ll also get to see Cloud Sight in action, detecting and responding to attacks in the cloud in real-time. Specifically, we’ll be investigating a cloud asset compromised by the open source Azazel rootkit (https://github.com/chokepoint/azazel). The Azazel rootkit has received a lot of notoriety recently due to its heavy focus on anti-debugging, anti-detection and PCAP hooking capabilities. We will trace the compromise from start to finish and highlight the collection abilities of our Cloud Sight sensor.

And of course, we’ll be having a Q&A at the end if you have any questions at all for Doug or Dustin!

Please click here to sign up! We look forward to talking to you then.