Unveiling Threat Stack’s New PagerDuty Integration

We’re thrilled to announce today that Threat Stack has joined PagerDuty’s rapidly expanding partner ecosystem with a new integration now available to all customers! This integration allows you to easily manage your Threat Stack cloud security incidents directly within PagerDuty, a popular platform that allows engineering and IT teams to connect their operations systems, teams and data into a single, easy-to-use console, making managing and responding to incidents quick and easy.

With today’s integration, you now have even more flexibility in the way you manage your alerts from Threat Stack. This means the capabilities within Threat Stack you have come to love can now be sent and managed within PagerDuty’s platform, allowing you to stay secure while operating at the speed of DevOps. A DevOps organization ourselves, we’re proud to offer this new capability for organizations who also embrace DevOps in order to rapidly monitor and improve their applications and services by maintaining a healthy security posture.


Threat Stack + PagerDuty

At Threat Stack, we’re committed to providing you with a cloud security solution that complements your existing operations workflow to give you an even more comprehensive security architecture for all of your cloud environments. This is why we chose to integrate with PagerDuty.

As PagerDuty users ourselves, we appreciate the ease of integration with other platforms, the scheduling and overrides, and the per-service escalation. Born out of our love for PagerDuty, we selfishly developed this integration first for ourselves as it fit in neatly with our existing DevOps workflows. After talking with many of our customers about this, we soon realized that they felt the same way, which is why we’ve made the integration available to everyone. After all, the last thing we want to do is dictate what system you need to use for alerts!

Starting today, you have the ability to receive contextual alerts on activity such as user logins, processes running, configuration changes and more directly through PagerDuty and can leverage its capabilities for improved incident visibility, collaboration and resolution.  

You can read our full announcement on this integration in our official press release.

Getting Started 

We’ve integrated with PagerDuty in the best way possible, providing you with a streamlined integration workflow so you can easily integrate Threat Stack with your PagerDuty accounts. Read the Configuration Guide for PagerDuty Integration for step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration.

To sign up for Threat Stack and begin using the PagerDuty integration, both Threat Stack and PagerDuty currently offer a free 14-day trial. Visit https://www.threatstack.com/signup.html and http://signup.pagerduty.com for more information.

What’s Next 

Our PagerDuty integration is the first in a long list of more flexible alert options we are tackling at Threat Stack. Stay tuned.