Threat Stack’s New Packaging for Your Cloud Security Journey

Security maturity in the cloud is an important topic lately, from evolving security with existing DevOps practices, to automating security across your infrastructure, to getting the information you need to piece together what occurred when there is a security incident.

And at the same time, many organizations just don’t know where to start.

 Security is no longer a nice-to-have in business. Demonstrating security in the cloud today is part of conversations with all of your key stakeholders, from auditors to board members, business partners, and most importantly, your customers. As organizations are moving to the cloud and realizing they need to have a security roadmap in place, they are also quickly finding that old security solutions do not work in a modern infrastructure, and do not fit the unique requirements of the new developer-centric model.

Today, Threat Stack is excited to announce new packaging designed to enable the common stages of security maturity in the cloud: Auditing the environment; Continuously monitoring and alerting; Investigating events and remediation. This new model enables the security of a customer’s journey from just getting started in the cloud to an approach focused on analysis, investigation, and remediation.

Even in mature, security-focused companies, there is a struggle to find and get the proper tooling in place to see all the elements of an attack, from the history of commands that led to an event, to the network connections from local and remote hosts, to the previous activities enacted by that rogue user.

  • The Threat Stack Audit Package is for companies of any size that need to establish an accurate baseline of security across their AWS Infrastructure. Audit scans account configurations and compares them against best practices from Amazon and CIS benchmarks. Users get a score immediately as well as clear guidance on improvements. Services included in Threat Stack Audit are CloudTrail, EC2, IAM, RDS, and S3. CloudTrail alerting is also included and can be integrated with incident tools like Slack and PagerDuty for real-time alerts.

  • The Threat Stack Monitor Package is for organizations that are focused on improving security, and demonstrating that focus to compliance auditors, partners, and customers. From File Integrity Monitoring to Vulnerability Assessments, organizations using Monitor are able to get a more complete picture of events in real time to prevent insider threats and external attackers from gaining a foothold.

  • The Threat Stack Investigate Package provides organizations with the ability to track all critical events related to a security incident and easily analyze them in context. Companies can gain visibility into who did what where, and when. With Investigate, you can quickly determine root cause by tracking network connections and playing back user sessions and reduce Mean Time to Know (MTTK) with the full set of actions and related events.

With these new plans, Threat Stack becomes the only cloud security service that scales with you, no matter where you find yourself on the path to security maturity. From early stage, to rapid growth, Threat Stack offers solutions that provide true security visibility, all in a single platform that integrates with the tools you use today.

For more information, please visit our Plans page.