Threat Stack Launches Customer Advisory Board

“It’s great to see that Threat Stack is putting customers at the center of its business. They’re ensuring that their customers’ feedback is taken into account, and creating a forum to explore best practices for tackling new problems in the ever-changing world of cloud security.”

Anshu Gupta, Head of Information Security, HelloSign commenting on
Threat Stack’s new Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

Today we are pleased to announce the launch of Threat Stack’s new Customer Advisory Board! Let’s take a look at how it came about and how it’s going to help us keep our customers front and center as we continue to deliver innovative cloud security solutions to the market.

Our Journey to an Amazing Customer Advisory Board!

Over the last few years, DevOps and the Cloud have changed every established development and operational practice in the world of technology. They have also dramatically transformed the role of CISOs and the people who run cloud security organizations. And finally, at Threat Stack, we’ve seen our customers grow in their eagerness to embrace the ever-changing world of cloud security. (We believe they’re the best customers that any Products team could ask for!)

Given this amazing transformation, we wanted to capture its power. The result: Threat Stack’s Customer Advisory Board (CAB).

When our Products team started working with our customers a few years ago, cloud security organizations were still being defined. As they chose their leaders, we started observing a fascinating difference between traditional CISOs and these new security leaders:

  • The new leaders are closely tuned into their organizations’ business needs from Day 1. They not only define their security strategy so it’s inline with business needs, but also recognize that they need to bring the Operations and Development teams into the security process. Unlike traditional teams, there’s no “thou shalt not do this because of security” attitude.

  • These leaders also know how to quickly identify what is core to their organization and what can be outsourced. They rarely entertain a “let’s build it ourselves because we can” mentality. As a result, they’re able to focus their core competencies on driving key business objectives.

  • Most importantly, this next-generation of security leaders embraces change and emerging technologies and isn’t afraid to take risks. This is a dream come true for our Products team, which is also doing its best to push the envelope on cloud security.

Over the past year or so, we have been very fortunate to work with these leaders to shape our product. We grew with them both professionally (we saw a few grow from DevOps engineer to CISO) and organizationally (they helped their companies go to IPO).

And now, we have formalized our relationship in the new Customer Advisory Board, comprised of some of the industry’s most experienced and enterprising security leaders. Drawing from Threat Stack customers including MuleSoft, PagerDuty, Zuora, AdRoll, OneLogin, HelloSign, Medallia, and Simple Finance, the new CAB will act as a strategic advisor to Threat Stack as it continues to deliver modern, innovative cloud security solutions to market.

The Advisory Board’s Members

Over the last year, Threat Stack has seen a more than 300% growth in its customer base. From this growing family of customers, primarily running on modern, cloud-based infrastructure, we invited, among others, the following leaders to participate in the newly formed CAB:

    • Kevin Paige, Head of Information Security & Compliance, Mulesoft
    • Alvaro Hoyos, CISO, OneLogin
    • Ilya Kalinin, Sr. DevOps Engineer, AdRoll
    • Bibek Galera, Head of Infrastructure Security, Zuora
    • Anshu Gupta, Head of Information Security, HelloSign
    • Arup Chakrabarti, Director of Engineering, PagerDuty
    • Dave Dyk, CISO, Simple Finance
    • Harshil Parikh, Director of Security and Compliance, Medallia

The Commitment

As Threat Stack CEO, Brian Ahern said: “Threat Stack is committed to working with its customers to ensure that we meet their needs in the ever-changing security market. If we’re not engaging with our customers to know exactly what their day-to-day challenges and opportunities are, how can we build a product that exceeds their needs?”

Other members of the Advisory Board shared Brian’s enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. Here’s what PagerDuty’s Arup Chakrabarti and Zuora’s Bibek Galera had to say:

  • “I am looking forward to connecting with other security leaders, and learning more about how they are securing their respective cloud environments. Thanks to the development of this group, I believe that Threat Stack will be able to accurately address the security concerns that any Head of Security may have.”

Arup Chakrabarti, Director of Engineering, PagerDuty

  • “It was a great initiative for Threat Stack to build this CAB. Together, I’m sure we will continue to develop the platform needed to keep all of the malicious actors at bay.”

Bibek Galera, Head of Infrastructure Security, Zuora

Final Words . . .

In an age when cyber threats have skyrocketed in number and complexity, Threat Stack is more committed than ever to helping organizations operate fast, at scale, and with peace of mind. As the newly minted Customer Advisory Board addresses critical security issues, best practices, and customer needs, it is certain to make a significant contribution to making this happen.

If you are interested in getting started in cloud security, we invite you to sign up for a Free Cloud Security Trial now.