Threat Stack Heats Up: Closing In On Redefining Cloud Security

This summer, despite the absolutely perfect weather here in Boston, we’ve spared no time and hunkered down to keep building and shipping new features, focusing in on top AWS community events, hiring several truly awesome people, and much more.

As the summer comes to a close, we’d like to give you a quick update on what we’ve been up to here at Threat Stack.

Product Highlights

We have added API access to Cloud Sight so you can now conduct queries on our data and integrate it with external applications, giving you deeper insights into your cloud server security. More about our API here.

We also announced our policy framework. Our agents, when activated on a new system, can instantly start watching for anomalies. There is no need to wait for a new baseline to be developed, as our solution is smart enough to immediately understand the instance’s full security posture and grab a baseline from its peers. More about our policy framework here.

The Growing Threat Stack Team

We’ve grown our team substantially over the past couple months and were thrilled to announce several key additions to our management team:

Sam Bisbee, CTO

Sam is a senior technologist with expertise in delivering highly scalable distributed systems via SaaS. Most recently Sam was CXO of Cloudant. Before that he held key technology positions at Bocoup and Woopid.

Chris Gervais, VP of Engineering

Chris has led technology teams developing large, scalable, enterprise-grade solutions and bringing SaaS offerings to market. Before Threat Stack, Chris was CTO and SVP, Engineering at LifeImage, and VP, Engineering at Enservio.

Pete Cheslock, Senior Director of Operations and Support

Pete has a record of supporting SaaS customers with highly reliable and scalable solutions. Pete was previously Director of DevTools at Dyn. Before that he was Director of Technical and Cloud Operations for Sonian.

As Threat Stack’s momentum continues to build, we look forward to attracting more of Boston’s top talent. Interested in joining our growing team? Check out our job openings!

Threat Stack @ AWS Events

This summer we deeply ingrained ourselves in the AWS community. We first headed off to New York to exhibit at the AWS Summit and meet top AWS users, including many of our own customers. We also had the opportunity to support and present at both the Boston and Chicago AWS groups.

We’re looking forward to sponsoring and exhibiting at AWS re:Invent in November. If you’re interested in meeting up and seeing Cloud Sight first hand, get in touch with us.

Summit Webinar + Sneak Peak at Cloud Sight

Hot on the heels of the AWS Summit, we hosted a popular webinar on Intrusion Detection for Elastic Cloud Deployments where we gave viewers an in-depth look at Cloud Sight’s capabilities. Missed the Webinar? No worries! To get a sneak peak at Cloud Sight yourself, simply schedule a demo or request to become a beta user.

Introducing SecDevOps: New Blog Post Series

In many companies, security now lies within DevOps, which has led to a new methodology called SecDevOps, or SecOps. By integrating Security tool-chains into DevOps pipelines, companies can effectively mitigate risks and continue their journey towards a secure, automated infrastructure.

To ease you into Yet Another Buzzword, we’ve developed a blog series on SecDevOps and why it’s literally “saving the cloud”.

Our series includes:

We’ve also put these on SlideShare if you’re a more visual person like many of us. More from our team on SecDevOps coming soon…

Coming This Fall

If you think this summer was busy, just wait until you see what we have in store for the fall. Follow us on Twitter for the latest news, and we hope to see you at re:Invent in November.