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The Weekly Security and DevOps News Brief

A lot has happened in the world of security and DevOps this week. Here are the top posts we saw around the community:

Cloud vs. software? The writing is on the wall

David Linthicum wrote a piece in InfoWorld that compared the cloud to software, and noted enterprise software and hardware sales continue to be displaced by cloud services. According to the piece, it’s readily apparent that public cloud services will continue to garner larger shares of enterprise IT’s storage, applications, and compute services.


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How to tell if your DevOps is delivering business value

An article in ZDNet around the ROI for DevOps concluded that both business and IT leaders understand instinctively that DevOps is a good thing, but the measurements are still elusive. However, with so many resources going into DevOps integrations, measurement is critical.


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Online Attacks on Infrastructure Are Increasing at a Worrying Pace

The New York Times Bits Blog published a special security section this week, including a piece by Nicole Perlroth on the increasing pace at which online attacks on infrastructure are occurring. According to the article, the Department of Homeland Security last year announced that it was investigating an attack against 1,000 energy companies across Europe and North America.


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Who Is Responsible for Security in the Cloud?

A new report, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, examines the issues of accountability in cloud security and what still needs to be done, noted an article in eWeek by Sean Michael Kerner. Security is a primary concern for most organizations looking at cloud adoption, but who is responsible for making sure the cloud is secure?


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DevOps becomes increasingly common inside government

An article by Greg Otto in FedScoop explored the question, “Are agencies finally realizing what agile development and DevOps can do for their IT missions?” The piece included commentary from Tom Soderstrom, chief technology officer of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory who shared, “One time I came in and I told my team that what we really need to do is DevOps. You’d have thought I called their mother ugly. It completely caught me by surprise.”


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EU Data Protection Regulation: What the EC legislation means for cloud providers

With the European Commission’s data protection rules set to drop before 2016, Caroline Donnelly wrote an article in on what the changes mean for the cloud and datacenter community. The cloud service provider community needs to be aware of the obligations the upcoming rules will impose on them, the article suggested.


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What interesting security and DevOps news did you read out there this week? Let us know in the comments.