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The Weekly Security and DevOps News Brief

A lot happened in the world of security and DevOps this week. Here are the top posts we saw:

Crooks Steal, Sell Verizon Enterprise Customer Data

Brian Krebs posted an article in Krebs on Security that Verizon Enterprise Solutions, a B2B unit of the telecommunications giant that gets called in to help Fortune 500’s respond to some of the world’s largest data breaches, is reeling from its own data breach involving the theft and resale of customer data.

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What Adele’s Photo Hack Says About Cybersecurity

A Fortune article by Rajiv Gupta used singer Adele’s photo hack story to stress that whether for a celebrity or a federal bank employee, cybersecurity needs to adapt to the way people use technology. Like celebrities, a majority of businesses have fallen victim to phishing and social engineering attacks. Much of the advice directed to consumers on keeping data safe in the cloud applies to businesses as well: choose secure cloud services, turn on the appropriate security features in the service like multi-factor authentication, and actively manage who has access to data.

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Is the hybrid cloud’s biggest challenge a lack of expertise?

Making the business case for embracing cloud services isn’t the challenge it once was, wrote Jonathan Hassell in an article for CIO. According to Hassell, what is proving to be more of a hurdle to wider-scale cloud adoption is the lack of expertise, experience and resources to take advantage of what’s now possible. It is telling that the cloud has become so complex and evolved so quickly that even professional IT workers and CIOs cannot always get their heads around what is possible.

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Hackers hijacking water treatment plant controls shows how easily civilians could be poisoned

An article in International Business Times by Mary-Ann Russon highlighted why the potential trouble caused by hacking critical infrastructure has become a key cybersecurity concern in recent months. The article reported that in the water treatment plant hijack example, a group of hackers managed to infiltrate a water treatment plant and change the levels of chemicals being used to treat tap water four times during the cyberattack.

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What interesting security and DevOps news did you read out there this week? Let us know in the comments.