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The Weekly Security and DevOps News Brief

A lot happened in the world of security this week. Here are the top posts we saw:

Cyberattack total is more than twice previously disclosed: IRS

According to an article posted by, cyberattacks on taxpayer accounts affected more people than previously reported, the Internal Revenue Service said on Friday, February 26. The agency said it will send mailings to affected taxpayers beginning February 29.

Read the full article here.


Lessons Learned From Recent Cloud Security Debacles

An article in CloudTweaks reported that cloud security threats are on the rise and they should be on the top priority list of every organization that has embraced cloud-based services. Incidents of cybercrime are being reported quite frequently, but the majority of them are not being reported at all.

Read the full article here.


Nissan Leaf hackable through insecure APIs

Security researchers demonstrated vulnerabilities in the Nissan Leaf remote management APIs that allow anyone with the VIN number of the car to access certain features of it from anywhere across the Internet, noted an article in ZDNet by Larry Seltzer.

Read the full article here.


Security Concerns Continue Amid Cloud Adoption

While most top IT executives at companies of all sizes continue to express concern about the security of data in the cloud, that hasn’t slowed their move to embrace this new infrastructure as a home for corporate data, reported a piece in InformationWeek by William Terdoslavich. The article takes a look at a recent survey and report which revealed top security nightmares and included recommendations about how to protect data in the cloud.

Read the full article here.


What interesting security and DevOps news did you read out there this week? Let us know in the comments.