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The Weekly Security and DevOps News Brief

A lot happened in the world of security and DevOps this week. Here are top posts we saw:

Confidence in cloud security

Mark Samuels published an article in ZDNet covering a survey from the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), which looked at IT leaders’ cloud confidence and cloud security perceptions. The survey revealed that businesses in the US are becoming more confident with the cloud. The article notes that the nascent cloud market continues to develop promisingly – and that certifications and audits are a large part of the recent boost in confidence toward the cloud.

Read the full piece here.


Falling back on bad habits in a DevOps organization

In this SearchDataCenter article on falling back on bad habits in a DevOps organization, Meredith Couremanche explains how real-life implementations of DevOps are subject to the same turf wars and poorly suited tools as traditional IT. The piece also gets into the unique challenges DevOps can bring.

Read the full piece here.


Less than a Quarter of Businesses Are Cyberattack-Ready

In this Infosecurity Magazine article, Tara Seals discusses a recent report which found that, on average, only 23 percent of organizations are capable of responding effectively to a cyber-incident. The report also found that 77 percent of organizations have no capability to respond to critical incidents.

Read the full piece here.


What can we learn from some of the most devastating cyber attacks?

In this article in Information Age, Chloe Green reflects on some of the most devastating cyber attacks of the past few years and asks, “What are the biggest lessons to be learned?” The piece explores what we can learn from these cyber attacks to help organizations detect future attacks before they happen.

Read the full piece here.


What interesting security and DevOps news did you read out there this week? Let us know in the comments.