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The Weekly Security and DevOps News Brief

A lot happened in the world of security and DevOps this week. Here are top posts we saw:

DevOps: The right tools, the right teams

David Braue published an article in Computerworld on how to manage a DevOps culture within an organization. According to the piece, where developers used to manage their interactions with cloud services largely on their own through Web dashboards, DevOps tools have helped to automate this process and make it easier to track ongoing infrastructure costs in real time.

Read the full piece here.


Coping with the needs of dynamic security

Clive Longbottom published an article in ZDNet on coping with the needs of dynamic security. The article examined how cloud platforms offer a means of maintaining cloud security. The article noted that if the data center and IT equipment are owned by the organization, then all the physical and technical security responsibilities lie on the organization’s shoulders.

Read the full piece here.


Project managers, tech sales pros are in high demand

After engineers, IT companies are struggling to keep up with demand for two other hard-to-fill roles: technical salespeople and IT project managers, wrote Sharon Florentine in an article published in CIO. According to the piece, DevOps engineers, mobile developers, front-end developers, security engineers and cloud architects are other positions that continue to be in huge demand.

Read the full piece here.


A Fast-Growing Data Center Segment Bridges Corporate Networks and the Cloud

Rachel King wrote an article in The Wall Street Journal on colocation data centers. The article noted that companies, looking to gain the best performance from the cloud, are placing a higher value on reducing the physical distance between their servers and those of their cloud providers. Colocation data centers, where their machines share space, have emerged as an important factor in enterprise cloud strategy.

Read the full piece here.


What interesting security and DevOps news did you read out there this week? Let us know in the comments.