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The Weekly DevOps and Security News Brief

A lot has happened in the world of DevOps and Security this week. Here are the top posts we saw around the community:

Cloud Security Alliance Lays Out IoT Guidelines

According to a piece in Channel Partners, The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced that its Internet of Things (IoT) Working Group (WG) has released a new summary guidance report titled “Identity and Access Management for the Internet of Things.”

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The Ups and Downs of Cloud Compliance

Compliance doesn’t need to slow down cloud adoption, but it should remain a high priority in cloud-enabled IT environments, noted a piece in SearchCloudSecurity. You can’t outsource security responsibility. Knowing where your data is and how it’s protected, is the challenge.

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6 Steps for Digital Transformation

According to an article in Computerworld, there are six key approaches that are shaping how IT services are produced and consumed: agile, DevOps, as-a-service infrastructure, intelligent automation, personas and context, and finally, digital service management.

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Government cloud adoption efforts lag as security concerns persist

Kenneth Corbin of CIO wrote that half a decade into the cloud-first initiative, adoption in the federal government continues to be way behind schedule mostly due to security concerns. Vendors argue that those concerns are exaggerated.

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Is DevOps secure?

DevOps – one of the biggest trends in software development among startups and big business alike – aims to increase the speed at which companies develop and publish software. In an article published in Computerworld,  Theo Peterson discusses how DevOps requires organizations to move to a state of constant security awareness.

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What interesting DevOps and security news did you read out there this week? Let us know in the comments.