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New Webhook API — Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Security Alerts

With today’s announcement, Threat Stack continues its commitment to driving increasingly efficient security workflows. The addition of a new webhook API builds on the integrations that Threat Stack has already created with PagerDuty, Slack, Docker, AWS, and others — giving our customers almost endless possibilities for developing custom, automated workflows based on alerts.

In today’s ever-more-complex infrastructures, critical information is often trapped in isolated, disparate systems. When (or if) this information is abstracted, it often requires time-consuming, manual processes to go from alert, to action, to resolution. Using the Threat Stack webhook API, on the other hand, alerts are communicated in real-time, and manual interventions can be replaced with automatically triggered machine-to-machine processes.

Through this integration, Threat Stack customers can streamline operational efficiencies by:

  • Integrating the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform® with custom internal applications
  • Integrating with SIEMs or other monitoring platforms
  • Building new escalation and/or remediation workflows based on Threat Stack alerts
  • Delivering remedial action using automated machine-to-machine processes

How does this work? It’s pretty straightforward. To simply and effortlessly share system intelligence, Threat Stack uses standard HTTP requests to deliver a secure JSON payload that everyone can read in order to share alert information.

To wrap it up, Threat Stack’s webhook API enables users to tap into critical alerts by cutting through organizational boundaries and siloed systems; it then enables them to create custom workflows that use these alerts to automatically trigger the delivery of remediation processes. And in so doing, webhook extends the reach of cloud security throughout an organization and shifts its defense posture from reactive to proactive (or preventive).

The webhook API is now available in the Pro edition of the Threat Stack Cloud Security Platform®Want to discuss specific cloud security challenges? Request a live demo today.