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The Compliance Playbook: How to Build PCI & HIPAA Compliant Businesses in the Cloud

The Threat Stack Compliance Playbook for Cloud Infrastructure is now available!

The Compliance Playbook is intended for readers who want to understand what’s involved in becoming compliant in a cloud environment — without getting caught up in the details and complexity that the compliance process is well known for.

The Playbook is designed to help you understand the business value of compliance — especially PCI DSS and HIPAA — and to see that it’s more than checking boxes to satisfy the regulators.

Some of the subjects in the Playbook are:

  • How compliance can strengthen your business
  • The crucial differences between compliance on-premise and compliance in the cloud
  • The Shared Responsibility Model (who is responsible for what in a cloud environment)
  • The key role that security monitoring plays in both compliance and security
  • The direct, indirect, and opportunity costs that are involved in preparing a realistic budget for a compliance audit

Download your free copy of The Compliance Playbook for Cloud Infrastructure.