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The Best Cloud Security Conferences to Attend in 2018 and Beyond

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Securing any cloud infrastructure is a big job. You have to be constantly up to date when it comes to skills, tools, and technology, as well as the vulnerabilities and threats that crop up continuously. When it comes to security, being stagnant isn’t an option. A good cloud security professional only remains top notch by staying on top of the latest cloud security trends, emerging threats, and best practices.

That’s where cloud security conferences come in, bringing together top experts, cloud security thought leaders, and industry professionals to share tips, tricks, and tactics for bolstering cloud security in the modern landscape.

With the spring conference season kicking off,  we’ve rounded up 50 cloud security conferences you should attend in 2018, grouped by quarter so you can easily plan your schedule for the remainder of the year:

2nd Quarter 2018 Cloud Security Conferences

AWS Summit –  San Francisco

April 4, 2018
San Francisco, CA

The AWS Summit is designed to bring together the cloud computing community to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS and how to adopt public cloud. Technical sessions, workshops, chalk talks, and team challenges are part of the conference training.  A robust expo rounds out the event with an opportunity to engage with technology vendors that are part of the AWS partner ecosystem and can help organizations build their cloud strategy and ensure they are operating in the cloud securely.

Cost to Attend: Free

CyberCentral 2018

April 11 to 13, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

CyberCentral 2018 is one of the top InfoSec conferences in Europe. For 2018, participants will have the chance to listen to Tony Sales, who started out as a fraudster and then crossed over to the good side as a security expert. Or you can learn and laugh with Tobias Schroedel, who is known to be the first IT comedian in Germany. Aside from Schroedel and Sales, there will be more than 30 speakers on hand to share their knowledge, insights, and experiences. These include the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s David Hitchcock, cyber security and cybercrime trainer Ioan-Cosmin Mihai, Blockchain Slovakia’s David Stancel, and Sony Mobile Communications master security specialist Jorgen Hjort, among others.

Cost to Attend: €899/ticket

CSA Spring Cloud Security Forum 2018

April 12, 2018
Google Office, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Spring Cloud Security Forum 2018 will bring together top security experts to talk about the latest trends in cloud security, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), container technologies, and quantum computing, and how these technologies augment the cloud’s benefits for businesses. These technologies will take the spotlight at this half-day event along with the best practices for leveraging them. The 2018 event will focus on the basics of DevOps, Google Cloud Platform, and DevSecOps.

Cost to Attend: €25/ticket

RSA Conference

April 16 to 20, 2018
Moscone Center, San Francisco, USA

The RSA Conference will touch on application security, cloud security, virtualization security, cryptography, DevOps, human element, threats and hacking, identity, law, machine learning, IoT and mobile security, policy and governance, data protection, security strategies, and infrastructure. The roster of speakers for this conference includes Sophos’ James Lynn, Internet Storm Center’s Johannes Ulrich, Akamai Technologies’ Josh Shaul and Andy Ellis, RSA’s Rohit Ghai, social activist Monica Lewinski, Cisco’s John N. Stewart, and Microsoft’s Brad Smith.

Cost to Attend:
A full conference pass is $2,695, but discounts are available for those with a LoyaltyPlus membership, students and faculty, and groups.

DataWorks Summit – Berlin

April 16 to 19, 2018
Berlin, Germany

Data scientists, developers, app developers, IT architects, and security professionals would benefit from attending the DataWorks Summit — Berlin. Happening in April, the conference will have eight different tracks related to big data, cyber security, data science, AI, data warehousing, big compute and storage, cloud and operations, IoT, governance and security, and business adoption. Sessions include technical discussions that offer the latest application and technologies as well as different use cases. These sessions cater to everybody, from beginner to advanced.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early bird: €750
  • Standard: €900
  • Onsite registration: €975
  • Two-day training class before the event: €2,000

Cloud Foundry Summit 2018

April 18 to 20, 2018
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Cloud Foundry is one of the top open source PaaS offerings and is used by some of the world’s biggest companies. The Europe Summit 2018 is the place to be to learn about the various implementations using Cloud Foundry. Learn more about how other companies are using Cloud Foundry, best practices, and even the mistakes you can avoid, plus how to make sure your applications are secure.

Cost to Attend:
Onsite registration costs $945, but you can get discounts if you register for the summit earlier. For instance, early birds pay only $445, while the standard conference rate is $645. Late registrants who register online before the day of the event will pay $845, while academics pay only $149 with a valid ID.

QuBit Cybersecurity Conference 2018

April 18 to 19, 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

QuBit Cybersecurity Conference 2018 gathers IT, cloud, and security professionals from all over Central Europe and beyond. Every IT professional who is interested in security should attend QuBit, including CISOs, CTOs, CIOs, IT security, risk managers, incident responders, IT managers, and others. At QuBit, you’ll learn more about cyber security, account management, IoT, threads, cloud security, and forensics, as well as other tools that you can use to secure your systems.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular conference passes: €711
  • Cryptography passes: €1,044
  • Cryptography training passes: €522

Infiltrate Insecurity Conference

April 26 to 27, 2018
Miami Beach, Florida, United States

The Infiltrate Insecurity Conference focuses on offensive security. Learn about the technicalities of different exploits and vulnerabilities by attending talks on compromising a co-hosted virtual machine, Java vulnerabilities, web hacking, and more. Speakers for 2018 include Google Project Zero’s Jann Horn, offensive security specialist Shmarya Rubenstein, Tencent’s KeenLab Marco Grassi, Versprite Technology’s Benjamin Watson, Zero Day Initiative’s Jasiel Spelman, MWR InfoSecurity’s Robert Miller, and other equally credible resource people.

Cost to Attend:
The conference offers tiered pricing depending on the order in which you registered. Conference tickets cost anywhere from $1,775 to $2,400.

Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018

April 30 to May 2, 2018
Boca Raton, Florida, United States

The Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018 allows participants to discover new technologies that are enabled by cloud computing, as well as how to take advantage of these technologies. The Ingram Micro Cloud Summit 2018 has specialized content for cloud services resellers, managed service providers, and service providers. Cloud security is one of the recurring themes in a number of learning tracks that you can choose from. Ingram Micro’s Nimesh Dave, Renee Bergeron, Richard Dufty, and David Wippich will deliver keynotes.

Cost to Attend:
Standard registration is $699. If you register late or onsite, you will need to pay $200 more.

Interop ITX

April 30 to May 4, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Join Google’s Sam Ramji, First National Technology Solutions’ Robert LaMagna Reiter, Cisco’s Jessica Blair, and other notable speakers as they talk about IT’s hottest topics, including incident response, integrating connected devices on the cloud to your system, and cloud security, among other topics. The five-day conference is for everybody working in the IT industry, and it has more than 130 sessions that include hands-on learning, panel discussions, and speaker-facilitated talks.

Cost to Attend:

  • All access pass: $3,299
  • Conference pass: $2,499
  • Summits and workshops pass: $2,199
  • Business hall pass: $349
  • Early bird discount: $400, except for the early bird business hall pass that is discounted by $100 if you buy the ticket early.

Google I/O

May 8 to 10, 2018
Mountain View, California, United States

Google I/O allows developers to learn more about Google’s latest innovations. You’ll gain knowledge you can leverage for your development projects, as well as the best practices and use cases for Google technologies. Also, you’ll learn about platforms that you can use to bring your application or software to your users, no matter where they are. Some of the topics discussed here will include cloud computing, security, machine learning, location technologies, and IoT.

Cost to Attend:

  • General admission tickets: $1,150
  • Active members of Google Developers programs: $750
  • Academics: $375

The 4th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud (BigDataSecurity 2018)

May 3 to 5, 2018
Omaha, Nebraska, United States

The 4th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Security on Cloud will touch on relevant topics with regard to cloud computing and big data security. Learn about the latest strategies to implement projects involving data mining, artificial intelligence, and others. Speakers for the event include Ruqian Lu of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science and Hui Lei of IBM.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular attendees: $920
  • Full paper authors: $1,095
  • Short paper authors: $1,045
  • Students and IEEE members get a $200 discount

Hack New York City 2018

May 8 to 10, 2018
Manhattan, New York, United States

Hack New York City 2018 invites cyber security experts and other IT security professionals to share their expertise and ideas in order to help strengthen IT systems, discover vulnerabilities, and get to know any cyber threats that may be lurking around. It’s also a good way to network and get to know other IT security professionals who may be able to help you if you have a security breach. Penetration testers, red teamers, security analysts, cryptographers, software and application engineers, and risk managers will be right at home at Hack New York City 2018.

Cost to Attend:

  • Briefings: $50
  • Trainings: $295 to $1,995

Cloud Security Alliance Federal Summit

May 15, 2018
Marriott Metro Center, Washington DC.

Now in its fifth year, the Cloud Security Alliance Federal Summit is for information security professionals and giants in cloud security. Learn more about how to make cloud the most prevalent IT system and what government programs are helping spread the use of clouds for their mission-critical software, applications, and systems. You can learn through talks, panel discussions, and case studies presented by top names in cloud security. Some of the technologies that are given focus include fog computing, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular registration (non-government employees): $150
  • Government employees can attend free with government ID
  • Students with IDs: $50

Secure360 Twin Cities

May 15 to 17, 2018
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Secure360 Twin Cities combines conference sessions and workshops to make sure that all participants receive comprehensive training on all things related to computer security. Some of the topics that the conference highlights include cloud security, risk and compliance, governance, information security, continuity management, and physical security. You can learn about GDPR compliance, OWASP vulnerability data, cloud security, the future trends in cyber security, and best practices. As well, Alison Levine will be talking about high impact leadership.

Cost to Attend:

  • Ticket price: $699
  • Discounts of $50 to $100 for early registration
  • Workshops only: $349

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

May 15 to 18, 2018
Munich, Germany

European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018 touches on several topics, including risk management and compliance, identity and access management governance, managing cloud security risks, customer identity management, blockchains, managing and handling cyber security risks, and cloud security. The conference will bring together at least 800 attendees, vendors, speakers, and other security and cloud professionals. The European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018 will offer discussions and best practices for cloud security and other topics.

Cost to Attend:
Early bird: €1,490
Regular price: €1,980

CloudExpo Asia 2018

May 16 to 18, 2018
Hong Kong, China

CloudExpo Asia 2018 has close to 9,000 suppliers showing their products and services on the exhibit floor, while participants can learn more about cloud security in one of the many sessions they can choose from. Some of the topics are cyber security, regulations, and compliance; cloud security, innovations, and strategies; DevOps, big data, artificial intelligence, analytics, IoT, agile networks, virtualization, storage, and others. CloudExpo Asia 2018 is co-located with four other events: Cloud and Cyber Security Expo, Smart IOT Hong Kong, Data Centre World, and Big Data World.

Cost to Attend:

Infosecurity Europe

June 5 to 7, 2018
Olympia Grand, London, United Kingdom

Infosecurity Europe will talk about browser mining attacks, defending your enterprise, building an incident response team, cloud security, and other information security topics. You can choose from categories, including strategy talks, tech talks, security workshops, and cyber innovation shows cases. You can also check out more than 400 vendors on the exhibit floor.

Cost to Attend:
Free, but you can get a fast track visitor pass for £75.

ICCSE 2018: 20th International Conference on Cyber Security Exercises

June 6 to 7, 2018
San Francisco, California, United States

The ICCSE 2018: 20th International Conference on Cyber Security Exercises brings together the most respected academics, IT professionals, and professors from all over the world to discuss security applications, tools, and how information security is practiced in real life. It also discusses the future applications of different security technologies that are now in use. For 2018, some of the papers that will be discussed at the conference include cyber security awareness, digital forensics, cloud security, the debate between privacy and national security, the national security assurance of Kazakhstan, and an academic view of cyber security.

Cost to Attend:

  • Attendees: €400
  • Presenters: €500
  • Student presenters: €400

Cisco Live

June 10 to 14, 2018
Orlando, Florida, USA

Cisco Live is the technology giant’s annual conference for its users. It offers more than a thousand programs involving the IT world’s biggest names, the company’s most senior partners, and other tech luminaries. If you are using Cisco products in one way or another, this conference would be a good one to attend. Aside from learning more about the technologies and products that you and your company are already using, you will also be able to evaluate new cloud, security, and networking products and services.

Cost to Attend:
Full conference pass:

  • Early bird: $2,395
  • Regular registration: $2,595
  • Onsite registration: $2,795

Other passes:

  • IT management pass: $3,195 at the door
  • Imagine pass: $795 at the door

O’Reilly Velocity

June 12 to 14, 2018
San Jose, CA

Tackling system performance from every angle, O’Reilly’s Velocity conference emphasizes performance, resiliency, security, and everything you need to know to build systems capable of supporting modern businesses. Systems engineers, architects, software developers, and DevOps teams come together at Velocity to learn what works and what doesn’t from industry peers and thought leaders. Other upcoming events include Velocity New York, set for October 1 to 3, 2018, and Velocity London, set for October 30 to November 2, 2018.

Cost to Attend:
Conference passes:

  • Gold Pass: $2,195 through March 30
  • Silver Pass: $1,795 through March 30
  • Bronze Pass: $1,545 through March 30

Training passes:

  • Platinum Pass: $3,295 through March 30
  • Training Pass: $2,095 through March 30


June 12 to 15, 2018
San Francisco, California, USA

DockerCon 2018 is one of the most anticipated gatherings in IT. Because of the widespread use and popularity of containers, DockerCon is where you’ll be able tolearn more about the different innovative strategies and get ideas for large-scale container uses. More than 4,000 IT professionals, including developers, operations engineers, IT managers, and security engineers, attend the conference every year.

Cost to Attend:

  • Standard conference pass: $1,395
  • Training passes: $1,095 to $1,495
  • Official Docker Certified Associate examinations: $195

DataWorks Summit – California

June 17 to 21, 2018
San Jose, California, USA

Co-hosted by HortonWorks and Yahoo, DataWorks Summit — California has eight different tracks including big compute and storage, cloud and operations, governance and security, and cyber security. The conference has technical and business sessions that aim to provide everybody, from security professionals to app developers to IT managers, the latest technologies, applications, and know-how on how to use data, analytics, and artificial intelligence. The technical sessions will also have different levels, to ensure that beginners can get their feet wet and learn more about the topics they are interested in, while more seasoned professionals will be able to learn something new.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early bird: $1,250
  • Standard pass: $1,750
  • Onsite registration: $2,000
  • Per day rate: $500

AWS Public Sector Summit 2018

June 20 to 21, 2018 (Tentative)
Washington, DC, USA

AWS Public Sector Summit 2018 is Amazon Web Services’ annual summit for those who are working in government. Users in the public sector can learn more about the technologies and tools offered by AWS with technical sessions conducted by Amazon’s engineers as well as hands-on training. They will also hear customer testimonials, learn about different use cases for different AWS offerings, and more. Participants will learn how to lower their costs, manage security, track their cloud resources, and get the most out of their AWS investments.

Cost to Attend:

  • Free for government, non-profit employees, and customers, sponsors, and members of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program
  • Other attendees: $295

CSCloud: 5th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing

June 22 to 24, 2018
Shanghai, China

The 5th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing will once again bring together experts and researchers on cloud computing and cyber security. Get to know the latest research on both fields and how you can apply these new ideas into your own cloud security strategies. Princeton University’s Sun Yuan Kung and Australia’s Deakin University’s Shui Yu will deliver the keynote addresses. Some topics of interest include cloud and fog computing, reputation and trust systems, data leaks, privacy information, cloud security, and new threats.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing details for the 5th IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Cloud Computing are not yet available.

3rd Quarter 2018 Cloud Security Conferences

Third International Conference on Cloud of Things and Wearable Technologies 2018

July 12 to 13, 2018
Detroit, Michigan, United States

The Third International Conference on Cloud of Things and Wearable Technologies 2018 is organized by research organization Association of Scientists, Developers and Faculties. It is a multidisciplinary conference that aims to give attendees a better view of this relatively new area. Keynotes will be delivered by Oakland University professor Subramaniam Ganesan and IT consultant and author Kokula Krishna Hari K.

Cost to Attend:

  • Paper authors: $400 to present
  • Delegates: $250 for the conference

O’Reilly Open Source Convention

July 16 to 19, 2018
Portland, Oregon, United States

Some of the biggest names from top tech companies are speaking at the Open Source Convention, including IBM’s Sean Dague and Cullen Taylor, Open Invention Network’s Deb Nicholson, Samsung Electronics’ Myung Jae Lee, Marstercard’s Daniel Ruggeri, Facebook’s Dikang Gu, Adobe’s Josh Butikofer, AWS’ Simon Corston-Oliver, and Microsoft’s Brendan Burns. The sessions will focus on a variety of topics, including cloud native application development, cloud security, container technologies, and others.

Cost to Attend:

  • Gold Pass: $2,495
  • Silver Pass: $1,895
  • Bronze Pass: $1,395

4th IEEE International Workshop on Cloud Security and Forensics

August 1 to 3, 2018
New York City, New York, United States

The 4th IEEE International Workshop on Cloud Security and Forensics will be held in conjunction with the 17th IEEE International Conference on Trust, Security and Privacy in Computing and Communications event. Learn more about cloud forensics, preparing for attacks, cloud cryptography, digital forensics as a service, big data forensics, cloud-based attacks, network security, and mobile cloud security, among other topics.

Cost to Attend:
Registration and cost details are not yet available.

Black Hat USA 2018

August 4 to 9, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

For more than two decades, Black Hat USA has been giving participants the latest developments, research, and upcoming trends in the world of information security. Learn more about software hacks, advanced cloud security strategies, penetration testing, network security, whiteboard hacking, machine learning, IoT, cryptography, forensics, ICS, malware, mobile security, and other topics. Black Hat USA starts with four days of intense training, immediately prior to the two-day conference.

Cost to Attend:

  • Regular briefing pass: $2,495
  • Early bird: $2,195
  • Business hall pass: $595
  • Training courses: Priced by course

Gartner Catalyst Conference

August 20 to 23, 2018
San Diego, California, United States

The Gartner Catalyst Conference gives participants the chance to learn about pragmatic solutions and actionable insights for the technologies they use. The conference focuses more on how-tos and gives everyone the information they need to plan and execute their projects. It will touch on DevOps, company-wide security, mobility, cloud architecture, and data centers, among other topics. IT security professionals, business intelligence experts, operations, risk managers, and application developers should attend the Gartner Catalyst Conference.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early bird: $3,250
  • Standard: $3,575
  • Public Sector: $3,050

VMWorld 2018

August 26 to 30, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

VMWorld is the biggest conference on virtualization, bringing together VMware users and offering breakout sessions, exhibits, hands-on learning, and labs. The sessions are grouped by tracks, including applications, digital transformation, partner exchanges, security, public clouds, and data centers. Everyone from network professionals to compliance and risk specialists, even those who are in IT project management and technical support, should attend VMWorld. IT professionals can discover what’s next for VMware, as well as how they could use it to perform tasks more efficiently. Attendees get expert coaching and perspectives, as well as networking opportunities with industry peers.

Cost to Attend:
No pricing details have been announced for the 2018 conference. In 2017, a full conference pass was $1,795.

Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit 2018

September 24 to 26, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

The Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit 2018 will shed light on the tools, technologies, and strategies that IT professionals should have in order to enable and drive digital transformation at their own organizations. While the summit has a wide range of topics, cloud security is a recurrent theme year after year. Past speakers include 451Research’s Rhonda Ascierto, Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson, Red Hat’s Radhesh Balakrishnan and Karen Farmer, VMware’s Dan Gallivan, Salesforce’s Casey Cerretani, among many others.

Cost to Attend:

  • Service providers: $999.00
  • Technology providers: $1,499.00
  • Financial professionals: $999.00

Microsoft Ignite

September 24 to 28, 2018
Orlando, Florida, United States

Now in its fourth year, Microsoft Ignite will get you up to date on Microsoft products and services. You can learn everything from architecture and design, to implementation and migration, development and deployment, security, access management, adoption, compliance, and operations. To get an idea of how valuable Microsoft Ignite is for technology professionals and developers who use Microsoft, just imagine that Ignite is the combination of six different Microsoft conferences: Lync Conference, Microsoft Exchange Conference, Microsoft Management Summit, Project Conference, SharePoint Conference, and TechEd. In addition, at least 100 vendors will be at the expo, and some will also speak during the conference.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing for the 2018 Microsoft Ignite is not yet available. For 2017, a full conference pass sold for $2,220.

CyberTech Europe 2018

September 26 to 27, 2018
Rome, Italy

CyberTech Europe is one of the most important exhibitions and conferences involving cyber technologies held outside the United States. Attendees can learn more about different solutions and innovations. This is also a great venue to network with fellow industry professionals. In 2017, the conference had more than 4,000 attendees coming from more than three dozen countries. Around 10 dozen companies joined the exhibit, and 120 speakers shared their knowledge.

Cost to Attend:

  • 2 day conference pass: €600 onsite
  • 1 day conference pass: €350
  • Members of the press, government, and defense employees: Free

4th Quarter 2018 Cloud Security Conferences

SecTor Canada

October 1 to 3, 2018
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

SecTor Canada is a great conference for technical security professionals and business managers to learn more about the latest research, the newest kinds of attack, and the tools they can use. They can also learn from the IoT Hack lab, the contests, the Cloud Security Alliance Summit, and other pre-event activities. Speakers include Allison Miller, Google’s product manager for security and privacy, Bruce Schneier from IBM, and Colleen Merchant, Canada’s director general for National Cyber Security.

Cost to Attend:

  • Early bird: $949
  • Standard conference rates: $1,249
  • Last call conference rates: $1,449

Infosecurity North America

October 3 to 4, 2018
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Infosecurity North America allows you to see the latest and best technologies that you can leverage to boost your information security strategy. Aside from visiting several exhibits, you can learn more about various cloud and security topics. In 2017, some of the topics included cloud security, using military-grade security, GDPR rules, machine learning, endpoint security, and defending your systems against breaches and hacking. Speakers included information and security professionals from Clemson University, the FBI, NSA, and US Army Medicine.

Cost to Attend: Free

ISC2 Security Congress 2018

October 8 to 10, 2018
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

The ISC2 Security Congress 2018 will have 11 different tracks that cover at least 100 sessions over a span of three days. Learn more about cloud security, critical security infrastructure, cyber crime, identity access management, the human side of security, software and application security, compliance, and threats. You can meet with close to 2,000 industry professionals and also get the latest information, tools, and strategies that could help protect your organization.

Cost to Attend:

  • All access passes: $1,395; $1,695 for non-members
  • Early birds get a $200 discount

Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

October 14 to 18, 2018
Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, USA

Recommended for chief information officers and the most senior IT executives, Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo is where you can learn about the emerging trends that would affect businesses and IT. You can learn more about securing the Internet of Things, cloud security, application architecture and development, digital business, and a lot more. Everything you’ll learn from Gartner’s Symposium/ITxpo will be helpful in making executive decisions on technology and information, leadership, and business strategy.

Cost to Attend:

  • Public sector pricing: $4,425
  • Standard conference pricing: $6,000
  • Group discounts are available

Oracle Open World 2018

October 22 to 25, 2018
San Francisco, California, USA

Oracle has successfully positioned itself as a cloud services provider and has transformed a lot of its software offerings to SaaS offerings. It is also making its presence known in the PaaS and the IaaS space. When you attend Oracle Open World 2018, you will hear from the company’s top brass including Mark Hurd, Larry Ellison, and Thomas Kurian. You can also learn more about the company’s offerings and how to securely work in the cloud. In 2017, security was one of the many topics discussed, including a general session on how to manage and then secure your hybrid cloud using AI technologies. Security was also the focus of Larry Ellison’s keynote address. Aside from sessions, participants can get hands-on training.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing information is not yet available for 2018. Attendees to Oracle Open World 2017 paid $2,650 for a full conference pass.

European Cyber Threat Summit 2018

October 24, 2018
Dublin, Ireland

The Eighth European Cyber Threat Summit is the region’s top cyber risk conference and exhibit. Topics for this year include net neutrality, GDPR and data privacy, IoT, cloud security, fraud, cryptography, the security architecture and clouds, anti-theft, cyber threats and vulnerabilities, as well as other areas. Some speakers for this year include Cyber Risk International CEO Paul Dwyer,’s Chuck Georgo, Cyber Risk International COO Rhonda Reihill, and CybSec Enterprise CTO Pierluigi Paganini.

Cost to Attend:

  • Standard tickets: €100 each
  • Group discounts available

VMworld Europe 2018

November 5 to 8, 2018
Barcelona, Spain

VMworld Europe is VMware’s user event that aims to bring the learning to Europe. Approximately 10,000 attendees come every year to join the breakout sessions, exhibits, labs, and talks that touche on how to use VMware, how to secure virtualized environments, and other pressing topics. Over the years, musical performances from Kaiser Chiefs, Empire of the Sun, Faithless, Simple Minds, Fira de Barcelona – Gran Via, and others have graced the VMworld Europe stage to entertain participants.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing information for 2018 is not yet available. In 2017, regular registration was €1,475, while onsite registration cost €1,675. Group discounts were given to groups with 5 to 20 attendees.

Third Rocky Mountain Technology Summit

November 14, 2018
Denver, Colorado, United States

The Third Rocky Mountain Technology Summit discusses topics related to IT and security. For 2017, cloud security was a focus. Sessions included threat lifecycle management, hyper converged storage, how to use cloud computing for your business, solving security gaps, among many others. Some of the speakers for the 2017 event included the CIO of the City and County of Denver, Vonage Business’ Franco Martinez, Citrix’s Josh Espinosa, and NetSource Inc.’s John Ayers.

Cost to Attend:
Registration and pricing information is not yet available for 2018.

AWS re:Invent 2018

November 26 to 30, 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Now in its seventh year, Amazon’s popular re:Invent cloud user event will again bring together their developers and customers. It is at the re:Invent conference that Amazon executives announce new products, features, tools, and services, while cloud, IT, and security professionals from different companies will share how they take advantage of AWS tools for their operations. In 2017, Amazon focused on serverless computing and data. It also featured keynote addresses from Amazon’s top brass: Andy Jassy, Peter DeSantis, and Werner Vogels.

Cost to Attend:
Full conference pass: $1,799

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon

@kubecon_ and @CloudNativeFdn
December 11 to 13, 2018
Seattle, Washington, USA

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is the flagship conference of Cloud Native Computing Foundation. It allows participants to meet the biggest names in the cloud-native and open source community. If you have ever wanted to meet the developers of various open source technologies, such as Kubernetes, CNI, Fluentd, Prometheus, gRPC, Linkerd, CoreDNS, rkt, containerd, and others, then register for this conference. System administrators, developers, site reliability engineers, operations engineers, IT executives, and security engineers should definitely attend. In 2017, some of the speakers included Google’s Brian Grant and Chen Goldberg, Microsoft Azure’s Brendan Burns, and Red Hat’s Clayton Coleman.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing details for the 2018 event are not yet available. In 2017, pass prices ranged from $150 to $700.

Cloud Security Conferences (TBD Dates/Locations)

Cloud Security Expo London 2019

Date TBD
Location TBD

Only in its third year, Cloud Security Expo London gathers users and suppliers of cloud security technology in one place. The 2018 event has just been concluded, and there are plans for 2019. In 2018, the Cloud Security Expo was held in March at the ExCel Centre London Royal Victoria Dock in London. Attendees were able to discover various tools, software, and services related to blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cloud security matters. What’s more, they enjoyed learning from at least 150 experts on various cloud security topics. Cloud Security Expo London is co-located with other events on IoT, big data, and data centers.

Cost to Attend: Free

Cloud Security Summit

October 16 to 17, 2018 (unconfirmed)
Fairmont Dallas, Dallas, Texas (unconfirmed)

In 2017, more than 500 cloud and security experts attended the Cloud Security Summit and close to three dozen industry leaders shared their knowledge. Cloud Security Summit touched on topics that are important to senior level cloud and security professionals: compliance, data privacy, defense, DevSecOps, hybrid cloud, identity access and management, user privacy, and shadow IT among others. Thien La of Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Juniper Networks’ Kevin Walker, and Microsoft’s Arjmand Samuel delivered keynotes for the 2017 event.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing information for 2018 is not yet available. For 2017, an all-access pass cost $2,495, while a conference-only pass cost $1,695. Qualified startups got a deep discount paying only $1,500 for two all-access passes.

DataCloud Asia 2019

Date TBD
Location TBD

Learn more about how to secure the cloud even when you use IoT devices and sensors, how to enable edge computing, the effects of 5G, cloud adoption and strategies, and get a better look at cloud and security in the Asia Pacific region, among others. Speakers for the 2018 event included the top names in Asia, such as NetSuite’s Zakir Ahmed, Salesforce’s Sassoon Grigorian, Diners Club Singapore’s Alagu Karuppiah, Dell EMC Singapore’s Vivek Mehrotra, Thammasat University professor Montri Wiboonrat, and Uber’s Rahul Vijay.

Cost to Attend:
For 2018, a Gold Pass cost $795, which gave access to all sessions, the awards dinner, and the reception. Meanwhile, a silver pass cost $675.

InfoSecWorld Conference and Expo 2019

Date TBD
Location TBD

InfoSecWorld Conference and Expo 2019 will bring security professionals the latest information and research on cyber threats, know-how, tools, and software. In 2018, InfoSecWorld Conference and Expo was held in March in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. One of the key sessions was the Cloud Security Summit where VMware’s Dennis Moreau, Intel’s Steve Orrin, and Qualys’ Mark Butler shared their insights and knowledge. The expo culminated in a panel discussion with all three speakers sharing the stage.

Cost to Attend:

  • All-access pass: $3,995
  • Conference-only pass: $2,095
  • Summit-only pass: $1,095
  • Expo-only ticket: $75

JavaOne 2018

October 22 to 25, 2018
San Francisco, California, United States (unconfirmed)

JavaOne is a yearly conference that Java developers and other interested IT professionals attend to learn about the latest tips and tricks involved in working with Java. The Oracle Corporation conference has been around since 1996. While the sessions cover a wide assortment of Java development topics, there are also sessions that touch on cloud computing and security, such as how to apply secure design to Java Microservices, how to secure your API, cloud-native apps, Oracle Cloud, and how to succeed with your cloud strategy.

Cost to Attend:
While pricing information for JavaOne 2018 is not yet available, full conference passes in 2017 cost $2,050. Discover passes sell for $125. Groups can enjoy anywhere from a 20% to 28% discount.

SANS Institute Cloud Security Summit & Training

Date TBD
Location TBD

The SANS Institute Cloud Security Summit & Training taps the best security and cloud computing professionals from top companies to share lessons, tools, and insights on everything related to cloud security. Topics are geared towards security professionals who deal with private clouds and virtualizations, systems and network administrators, technical consultants and auditors, and IT executives. In 2018, the event was held from February 19 to 25, combining two days of talks and panels, training courses, and a lot of networking opportunities for attendees.

Cost to Attend:

  • Summit: $1,780
  • Training courses: $5,380 each

The CSO50 Conference + Awards

Date TBD
Location TBD

The CSO50 Conference + Awards is where security executives go to meet and exchange best practices and ideas. At least 200 security executives attend every year. For 2018, the event included several talks touching on IT security, cloud-native architecture, new cloud security strategies, security controls, and others. The main draw of the CSO50 Conference + Awards is the presentation of winners, who are recognized for their security-related initiative and projects. In 2018, some of the winners included American Express, Delta Dental Plans Association, Bank of the Ozarks, Xerox Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, and the State of Michigan, Department of Technology, Management, and Budget, as well as a range of universities and health care organizations.

Cost to Attend:
Pricing information for 2018 is not yet available. Tickets were $695 in 2017 through a cutoff date, or $500 per ticket for two or more team members.